Loving Heart Connections

Loving Heart Connections was created by Jane Bissler and researched through Afterlifedata.com and VoicesAcrosstheVeil.com. This modality uses well researched elements from Eye Movement Desensitization (EMDR) which includes bilateral stimulation done through tapping, sounds and eye movements. It is designed to activate a spiritual connection between you and your deceased loved ones, guides or higher self. It is done electronically over the conferencing platform, Zoom.

This modality is perfect for providing healing for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It will provide whatever is needed by the sitter. Some have very intense emotions during these sessions and they have "visited" different environments while meeting with their deceased loved ones, spiritual guidance teams and masters. It has been likened to out of body experiences and Shamanic journeys. Many sitters have had multiple connections.

The sessions are 90 minutes and the cost is $250. This life changing session is well worth your time and the cost. See below for testimonials from those who have experienced it!


“The Loving Heart Connections Session was just that... a loving connection with my son Andrew in Spirit. I felt comfortable, relaxed and a strong connection as the session progressed. I felt more open and able to connect more easily than in meditation. I felt an improved sense of presence and visualization. I encourage those who are grieving a loved one, or who just want to strengthen their own connection, to give this a try!”

“I made a connection with my sister. It was different because you know, we went through that she was kinda done here. Whatever she needed to do here she was done and that was what her soul needed. My soul didn’t want her soul to leave though and I told her that. I feel so relieved knowing that.”

“I started feeling quite dizzy and nauseated. I think I was at the accident scene, that’s what it felt like. I saw her in hospital on the machines and I heard her say, “I fought to stay.” She said, “they came to get me.” I saw her body again, laid out and I remember feeling so shocked because it didn’t seem like her at all and she was acknowledging that sharp feeling that I actually had and that incredible feelings of loss. She acknowledged that she really loved the coffin and how special it was for her."

“I got an incredible healing. I think it was from guides. It was like they were walking through my process of watching her die and acknowledging it for me. I didn’t know what that was like for her and how at peace she was before just now. ”

“My guide came in, it was Zachariah. I sensed the message, “we are with you”. He brought me the message, “we bring your babies, all of them.” They would be Rachel and Trina and I had a miscarriage between David and Rachel. I have always felt there are three babies there. The message is somewhere along the line of the message is, “we we are with you.” Interesting that they identify them all as babies even though Rachel was an adult. The babies said, “we are whole, we are well”. That was very emotional. I mean I have tears running down my face. I didn’t really see the babies. I just saw the figure of Christ. I guess the idea was that He was just sort of harboring them. I’m not a Christian so that was totally weird but it felt right and peaceful."

“I was visualizing when Ron and I sprinkled his ashes and I saw him above us. I did, I did! He looked good, he looked the same, you know 21 years old, because he will forever be 21. He was hovering above us when we were sprinkling the ashes. He’s telling me that he was there and he wants us to know that he knows that we did that. He is telling me during this session, THIS SESSION. It seemed very real, it seemed like he was more physical than spirit, more solid.”

“That was a little trip down memory lane for sure. Everyone seemed to be very happy, everyone that was gone seemed very happy. They were all laughing and smiling. My Uncle Jimmy got up and walked to the sink and looked at me like, “see what I can do now” (he had multiple sclerosis and couldn’t walk the last 20 years of his life). I do feel like I was with them in a non linear kind of way. Even though I feel like I was watching it from the side, I don’t know how to explain that, it was like I was watching a movie. I still feel like it was like a play and they were putting it on for my benefit. I was sitting at the table and I was about 12 but also seeing it from the back, like I am now."

“The moment that we started there was this sadness and honestly I think that it felt like all of it was a trapped sadness a sadness that I haven’t thought about or almost I haven’t experienced it. I think it was like a mixture of emotional and physical pain. It almost felt like it was coming from behind a curtain in my mind. I felt pain when I thought about my dog, Patch, who died and just then my now dog, Max, jumped up and licked my hand. (At that moment Client’s computer completely shut down). The curtain is now open. It was very dramatic in my mind, these curtains were flying open and my family coming forward. That was really cool, that was really cool. I’ve never had an experience like this. This felt like a conversation. I think this has changed things for me where I can see them more clearly and hear them. This is so much more real and like solid and I can put my finger on it and I can very easily recall that, them all together. That was super cool!!!! Patch was there with all of them. That’s where I got, that’s when I said I got to say goodbye to him when I didn’t when he died. I got to be with him. They are all together now and I can carry that forward into my future. I feel so much lighter."