Clearing Your Soul


Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Restructuring, Multi-Dimensional Self, Loving Heart Connections

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Are you feeling overwhelmed, over tired, and frustrated? Do you have a difficult time making decisions and creating an action plan that you follow through with? Do you feel heavy, like something is stealing your energy? If so, your soul could be carrying negative energy from your present life and relationships, extra souls, and/or negative past life energy.

Through this miraculous spiritual work, your individual soul will be cleared in a way that will positively affect your present and future life and create abundance, cognitive clarity, and an inner peace. Some practitioners believe this work can be done through group process, but our guidance assures us that each person's soul needs to be cleared working with your own High Self Committee to assure clearance of your personal life plan.

Vibrational energy is used to clear and heal the subconscious mind. Through this process the:

  • emotional charges held from any past incidents or traumas are cleared

  • your own spiritual energy is empowered and becomes more easily accessed by you

  • negative karmic agreements are removed.

Similar to past life regression therapy where one past life can be cleared, Spiritual Response Therapy can clear many lifetimes in the initial two hour session.

The Results:

  • Mental acuity improves by reprogramming and restructuring brain chemistry

  • Emotional health improves by helping you be more in touch with your own feelings therefore having more control over your emotions

  • Spiritual connections grow stronger - leading you to more direct access to those who guard and guide you through this lifetime

  • Negativity is released

  • Old habits are broken

  • Emotional and physical issues are healed

  • False beliefs, perceptions and attitudes are changed

  • Greater clarity, balance, joy, and harmony are attained

"No self help book, no spiritual practice or healing individual has

done more for me than the single soul clearing

session I had with Jane Bissler."


Your soul will be cleared through the healing modalities mentioned above. These techniques developed by Robert E. Detzler, Kathryn Hamilton Cook and Barbara Standiford and Jane Vair Bissler are spiritually-based systems of clearing present life, past lives and other dimensional negative energies. These are completed through ego-neutrality and truly connect with spiritual information to assist in transforming our current circumstances. All healing comes from the practitioners guidance and High Self Committee. Negative energy and limiting beliefs (past and present), keep you from realizing your full potential. These modalities have helped thousands experience positive changes in abundance, relationships, and health.

Why have a clearing with Jane or Linda?

It prevents discordant energy from accumulating and improves your understanding of your own soul's journey. This creates an understanding and helps to shed light on your physical, emotional, and mental experiences and current and past processes.

These practioners have a wealth of experience and a very high percentage of accuracy.

These processes can be very helpful to you by:

  • breaking damaging patterns of behavior

  • dissolving health issues at the cellular level

  • improving your personal relationships

  • connecting you to your inner guidance and spiritual support

  • mitigating and/or eliminating phobias, allergies and recurring physical difficulties

  • dissolving addictions/addictive behaviors

  • removing blocks to positive self-expression, including love, success and abundance

  • improving your self-esteem and sense of purpose

  • letting go of the past!

Jane and Linda have helped many people through Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Restructuring, Multi-deminsional Self, and Loving Heart Connections. Read the Testimonials on the testimonial page.

Go to Your Session for more detailed information about what to expect or contact Linda at linda.clearingyoursoul@gmail.com for your initial session.