Spiritual Restructuring Testimonials

For me, the most exciting thing about Spiritual Restructuring is the sheer number of physical issues that can be addressed in your first visit and the immediacy of improvement and change that you can experience within your body.

Entering the session, I had several physical issues I hoped would be addressed. They were varied in level of discomfort from a lone finger that was stiff every morning, to a recently sore right elbow and forearm that made it uncomfortable to pick up a glass of water, to a year-old ankle injury. On my drive home from the session, I could not believe how much better my elbow felt. It felt even better than my previous “good” left elbow. My ankle has plagued me for over a year. In my attempt to heal my ankle I had done the following: worked with two physical therapists, a chiropractor, three massage therapists, and had a reiki treatment. With each modality, I gained additional relief and increased mobility, but I was still having difficultly. It still wasn’t 100% back to normal. Through Spiritual Restructuring, Jane was able to release something in my ankle. I immediately knew it was better. After stepping off the table, I attempted to sit on my heels, something I had not been able to do since the injury. I was able to do it with ease. In addition, my ankle had interfered with my being able to sit in a cross-legged position on the floor. Now, not only could I do it but it felt great. And this all was accomplished without a single moment of discomfort for me.

In addition to the physical concerns I hoped would be addressed, Jane also identified other parts of my body that would benefit from restructuring. For example, she identified my ribs as needing attention. I had not had any issues with my ribs. However, hours after my session, I noticed I was breathing in a better and freer way. It was surprising that something that did not even bother me could be made better.

Overall, I felt lighter and freer in my body. I am thankful and in awe for my spiritual restructuring experience with Jane. My body is even more thankful.

Dr. Denise Morgan