Hugs of Understanding From SADO

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We are greatly indebted to Desiree Brown, Christine Monchek, Katie Berringer, Linda Hahn, Camille Park and Beth D'Angelo who are currently volunteering and transcribing SADO messages. Please share with us our thankfulness for their help!!!!



2015 was a very interesting year for Chris Mulligan, Edwina Moldover, Lynn Lee and Jane Bissler. It was during the summer of this year when the group formed a development circle. Chris an intuitive, medium and psychic had been honing her craft of mediumship even before the sudden death of her son Zac. She wrote about her loving relationship with him in her book, Afterlife Agreements: A Gift From Beyond. Lynn and Edwina had been attending a development circle at the Arlington Metaphysical Chapel for several years with their primary focus being to connect with their children Nicole and Rachel, respectively. Lynn who practices physical mediumship was interested in expanding her capabilities by joining a second circle. Jane who is not a bereaved parent and who has dedicated the past 30 years of her professional life serving the needs of, writing books for i.e.i.e. Loving Connections and doing research about bereaved parents, was open to what would develop being a part of this group.

Through prayer, meditation, the use of trumpets and table tipping, a connection was made. This was pursued over several years when this group was face to face at conferences. Much to our surprise a group of evolved nonphysical entities, self named SADO (Sons And Daughters of the ONE) arrived via open trance channel, Jane. SADO's purpose was stated as providing education for bringing healing for the broken hearts of bereaved parents in ways that their child's death can be assimilated in the parent's current life. From that point forward, this group has met several times each month by phone to offer a time for SADO to speak and to teach about life, death, grief, spirituality and ways to live our lives. We have gained incredible information and would like to share some of their messages with you.

During meditation sessions, Jane is able to channel the group, SADO, and receive messages from them. At times, the group of Chris, Lynn and Edwina come together for these meditations, other times Jane brings SADO through on her own. Jane has also brought SADO through for several groups who have had the opportunity to ask questions of them.

SADO has requested that their messages be available to those who are grieving. As such, messages will be posted on this site as they are given. At this point, there is a two year backlog of sessions that need to be transcribed and posted here. The newest messages will be posted first and the older ones will be added as they are available. Come back to the site often or send an email ( to be notified when new content is added.


During this initial session, we were working with a tray from the hotel beginning to communicate with Spirit through physical mediumship. SADO had come in, introduced themselves and mentioned that they were a group of 12 beings, self named SADO (Sons and Daughters of the One). Lynn questioned them about the identities of the 12 energies.

SADO: You needn't question the 12 pillars of strength who make up this body. Know that we are with you and gather our energy to provide information for you. Our energy will continue to be lighter as the circle of strength continues. There is much power in the physical presence of this gathering and much could be accomplished without showing you physically our power but doing so in a more verbal way. It is not difficult for us to come through a willing vessel but harder to learn for presence maintained as well as moving the vocal cords.

Thank you for presenting to the least of us on behalf of us. We are providing the spark of SPIRIT as you are using your human consciousness to impart our knowledge and power and energy. This is an important process that you undertake for the place in which you live. Many are now channeling as you call it. Those that can hear and will give words are revered. There is much to learn and there is much to teach.

It is important for you to know and to impart that the children you are here to honor are on the level with SPIRIT and no longer represent themselves as an offspring. They play the part but it is as an actor. True spiritual and grief freedom comes from an acknowledgement of this change. They, each one, have been empowered to come home when they feel it is right. This is not egotistically done but in the service to others.

Of the many branches they (or you) choose or had chosen, the growth is acquired by the human soul. From this experience they are learning the lessons that are not able to be taught in other ways. The development of the souls during the war and conflicts brings much growth to your society due to the energy differences from the learning that is required to be done by the survivors.

The individual deaths are just as important as the deaths that are in mass. They will all change the coverage of that subject from Spirit as you say.

There is no such thing as a crystal ball. There is no such thing as a calendar of events. This is made up to help some feel better about their own situations. Suicide happens as a habit from that soul who comes to work through issues of hopelessness and helplessness.

You understand there are different members of Sado. They are each an expert in an individual area and you will understand them each separately as time goes forward. They speak in their own voices however they might sound a bit different when they are using another physical system of knobs and tubes. Haha. I am the voice of the one which is the combination of all.

Lynn - Who was speaking to us before?

SADO: He was a male energy called Grus. And you also heard from the seraphim of the group who you felt before you were getting started.

And it is enough.


SADO: Good Evening, You have called to SADO - Sons and Daughters of the ONE. Our energy is with you, never doubt it's existence. We welcome this contact.

Lynn: We ask for your guidance now?

SADO: Our guidance is always here. You are not missing one. We are all here. Each group of workers has possibilities waiting for them for communication, education, commitment, guidance. We are guidance for this group and at a very high level that you deserve. You're minds are not as open to the possibilities as we would like them to be. It is easy for us to work through the trays and its not necessary for us to do other parlor tricks as you understand our mission and connection and as you understand this more you will have less of a need for this. Energy for the tray is not necessary and isn't needed to be brought forward.

We are being filtered this afternoon for which makes the communication more difficult as this one understands how this is to work and has the need for control. However, last evening was too much as this one is being drained by this process.

We wish to say thank you to all of you for your work of us today. The messages you shared were profound and we send you lessons for shepherding of our flock, the most needy of all.

Do you wish to know of us?

Lynn - we are so excited about our communication with you on this level. I for one am open to all possibilities. My mind thinks something different than my heart and my soul and I'm trying to find the connection and make them together.

SADO: There are not three separate parts as you say. There would be 12 of us working with this group but you are all ONE. We are all a part of this ONE. And when you lean into the knowledge and confidence of the ONE your heart and your body and your energy field will then see and work with us as ONE.

Lynn - Spirit are you saying that our guides, children are really all one? We can go to the ONE rather than guides?

SADO: All souls who choose this existence come from the ONE source. All souls who choose this existence return to the ONE. The Source made them leave a personal stamp or a hologram of themselves for you to be connected with. But yes, they're all ONE as your energy works together as ONE. You know how to funnel this energy into a stream. Others do not, others do not and cannot and what you bring to the table is the present. Spiritually unhealthy souls are uninformed, not disabled. Those choosing to not be pure energy can carve nicks into your energy field and can take some time to heal.

SADO (11/02/15)


SADO: And you are here. And so are we.

Lynn: Thank you.

SADO: And we hear your discussion. And we know your questions. And we understand what you are asking. Please know that each act of violence is an opportunity to do something different. An opportunity is given to combat evil. An opportunity is given to choose love over evil. Evil is not inborn. Evil is an opportunity to choose other than evil. You have many in your society who have come to choose other than and are failing. It is as we discussed in our previous time together. It is as we discussed due to your inability to judge that which is being made commonplace for you in your society. This will need to be changed, one person at a time. This will happen as each of you spread the word of the existence of commonplace violence, of the lack of violence being challenged in your society. It will take more than your lifetimes to work this through, but it must begin. It must be begun! It must be started and talked about and realized what is being done and what your society looks at as entertainment. There is much hope for your society but there are many who are living their lives in ways that break the code of love. There are others who are talking about everything as economics and that is true with regard to this as well.

When you look at the ratings of the movies and television shows you see, the ratings for the mom and pop shows are very low. But where someone is killed and mutilated with horror and gore you know there are more people watching that and so therefore more money. Think of ways your news in written, auditorily, and on the television as well. How much of what comes from your media carries kind stories filled with love and compassion? This is not a question to be answered as we all know the answer.

We understand, we understand that you are looking for opportunities to make big changes relatively quickly. However, it will not be done so quickly. It is going to take what you would determine as a significant amount of time. It is not meant for you to feel that your hands are tied. No, this is not what we are saying. Your ability to reach out to others is one reason this group of four is, has been brought together.

It is now time for you to, as this one would say, go public and depending on your fear level you can say this as your beliefs, or you can say this as ours. It makes no difference as there are many groups as this one who are also finding those who can bring this information through. There are many who would follow this as information from you. There are many who would follow this as information from us. You will need to know your audience, as this one would say.

Lynn: Yes

SADO: This was not our lesson for today so let’s ask questions that you may have so we can move forward.

Lynn: I would like to hear your lesson and save the questions for the end.

SADO: Not wise.

Lynn: Oh, ok. (laughing)

SADO: This is due to the energy needed. Although this one is being strengthen with this process, she does not quantify the time well yet.

Lynn: Ok. Well Chris, do you have a question?

Chris: Sure, SADO, I have been having a circle come up repeatedly, since our last conversation, in symbols, in my daily life, in things that I hear and so I’m wondering how can you explain this to me and to all of us as to how are we supposed to incorporate that into what we are brought together here to do? Is it the circle of all of us living together, is that a lesson, in the call?

SADO: The circle is never broken but our conversation with you coming thru is bringing to your knowledge that having a circle of information allows for the information to be shared with those you know and can ever expand and due to that each of you have different people to connect with. These are circles but they are concentric due to this group. Each of you can present this information to your own, what you might call, your development circle. How much better could the development be if you shared it with those in your own community? It is a pebble in the pond with all circles being outstanding with the information being shared in a way that is then shared with others from every person in the circle.

Chris: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That makes a lot of sense of any of the symbols that I’ve received over the last month.

SADO: We were waiting to bring that together today.

Chris: I appreciate that. I knew that there was a lot to learn in all of those seemingly mismatched pieces of different pieces of information.

SADO: (Ha ha) Yes, seemingly.

Chris: I’ll be more aware now, thank you.

SADO: We are counting on it.

Chris: Thank you. I will.

Lynn: Well, I feel like I’ve had many opportunities to share this information in the last month and I look forward to. I assume that there will be many more in the continuing months coming to spread this information and the choice of love over war, hatred, violence. Each time…

SADO: We will do our part and you will do yours.

Lynn: Right. Each time I have that opportunity I will think of the circle and that pebble dropping and creating the effect that we want. Thank you.

SADO: You are welcome.

Lynn: Ok.

SADO: We shall now move on.

Lynn: Ok.

SADO: There are some who believe that they are human beings and unbelievably they believe (ha ha ha) they are so.

Lynn: I’m thinking of myself.

SADO: It is important that you understand that you are not a human being. You simply have a human body. And that human body is full of problems (ha ha ha), but the energy that makes you you, is not human. It is not. And there will be many who will not appreciate that but that is the truth. And it is important that you understand that we are God too. It is necessary in this lesson for you to meditate and understand that the energy that’s processed through you is the same energy that’s processed through us. It is all one energy. You need to have a better understanding and a better grasp that you are in human body to deal with and experience lots of different aspects of self. Some of these are difficult and some of these are easy but they all have the opportunity for growth. Just like this one has the opportunity to bring our energy through to you in this way.

This one is a little freaked out by my voice, she says. (Ha ha ha ha). I am part of SADO and I’m able to bring this lesson to you today because it is of a higher frequency than the one that you have been talking about. It is important to us that you spend time everyday understanding that your energy is the same between the four of you and also between us. And as you touch in, as you would say, to this energy it is important that you feel us there as well. Every decision that you make whether or not to judge someone or something is an opportunity. Every comment that you make is an opportunity. Each decision that you have in front of you is an opportunity. It is difficult when in a human body to look at each event, each comment, each thought, each word and each deed as an opportunity. But it is!

You have been chosen, you four have been chosen because you are welcoming the opportunity to learn without judgment. You four have been chosen to work in this way because you are not “stuck” (Ha). This is about what you believe. This is the reason why it is the four of you. Do not doubt that. Do not wish that. You are open to hearing and learning. We are asking you to go on your way. And to spend time learning and appreciating that the energy in your human body is the same energy in our body. This sounds very simple to one of you. It is not a simple process. Please understand that this is going to also take much work, but it is going to be very beneficial to all four of you as your life progresses. I am happy to bring this information to you today in this way. Do you understand what we are talking about in today’s lesson?

Edwina: Yes. May I ask a question?

SADO: Of course.

Edwina: I almost asked this question before you spoke, but I thought it wasn’t relevant. Now I realize it’s very relevant. The question that had come to me since our last opportunity to talk with you was about the silence that I try to work with in meditation. I try to achieve a silence, and a stillness of my mind so that I can receive messages. But the question is - are those messages that I feel I receive are they messages downloaded from SPIRIT or are those messages really coming from a deeper consciousness within me? Or is it both?

SADO: How can there be a difference?

Edwina: Ok.

SADO: You are SPIRIT. Nothing is NOT of it. It is always there. You are able to hear it. You are able to trust it. You are able to understand it. Some of that has to do with us (ha ha)!

Lynn: (chuckle)

SADO: But it is only through your willingness that you are hearing correctly. It is the same kind of energy that is in your cellular towers. That signal continues to emit overtime whether or not you have use of your cellular telephone. But it’s always out there waiting for you to work it; waiting for you to use it; waiting for you to tap into it, it is there. You in human body forget, but this information is out there. There are some who have to filter that information in a way that challenges the truthfulness of the information. You are among others - pioneers. It is there as much as a wave on the ocean. They will keep coming and they will keep coming and they will keep coming. Just because you’re not on the ocean does not mean the waves are not continuing to come. Spend some time on the ocean every day.

Edwina: Thank you.

Lynn: I’m hearing the word attunement. To tune to the frequency that is able to receive and be aware of what’s already there, what’s here. What we’re a part of.

SADO: It is like dialing your radio in. It is like tuning the dial. And we are here putting (ha ha) a stop on either side of that. You simply need to dial, and it will stop at the right place for you to know, hear, believe that love and compassion of the energy. So, you have now heard your lesson of the day.

Lynn: Yes.

SADO: And we will be with you during your discussion of these facts as they are factual, and we will provide further information with specific processes to push you forward with this. This will depend on your ability to follow through with what we ask, instructed, and the energies that you allow and accept.

Lynn: It is with the greatest sincerity and gratitude that we thank you for coming to us to bring us these messages in love and hope. Amen.

SADO: And it is enough.

SADO (12/1/15)


SADO: We are here. We are with you all.

Lynn: Welcome.

SADO: And we welcome you. And we want you to know that we have been watching you and seeing the opportunity that you have decided to take, that we have put out for you. Those opportunities have not been small and insignificant. They have reached far beyond what you think you have the power to teach. This one is feeling badly that her piece of energy done with the Huffington Post did not prove out to be what she wanted it to be. However, what this one does not know is that it is going to lead to another article, and it is being talked about in journalistic avenues that she cannot be aware of at this time. There is no small energy change. It is huge.

We are watching your world and it saddens us even more to have once again another, as you call them, mass shootings. It saddens us that people, as you humans, have been doing all you can do and many of you are praying and sending good wishes to those victims, as you would call them, of the mass shooting. Prayer is another way of changing the energy of this time and place. It is not enough but it is something. Your President talks of battling terror with terror; (sigh) so disappointing. But there is a call to arms and that is the way your government and many governments are working towards this. They call to arms, arms against arms, instead of arms joining arms. Your children see this as well. They are all your children. You are all our children. We are all one and each other’s child, which is the reason why it creates such sadness in us because it is one part of us shooting another part of us; sad, painful, unbelievable, confusing.

It will not stop with the United States, with France, with Syria, with Belgium, with the everywhere until society changes in a way that will allow for more peace and, as you would say, brotherly love. “What more can I do”, we hear you say, “what more can I do, what more can I do?” Don’t ask what more you can do, continue with what you are doing! We see what you are doing and we love you and support you and will continue to give you opportunities to make the changes that need to be made; the talk that needs to be talked; the feelings that need to be felt. It is not a peaceful time on your planet.

We don’t blame. We forgive. We understand. We have tried to provide ways for you to be a part of this solution. We want you to feel you are part of this solution although it will take quite some time for you to see large scale changes. You can do so in your own community as we talked with you about the last time meaning getting people together to form circles to raise the vibration of where they are and their thoughts. You will be called out for this and you might be made fun of although there is nothing funny. You are warriors in Spirit. We recognize what it is that you are doing and how you are doing it and we appreciate you taking the time and energy to meet with us in a way that you can hear what we have to say and to help you and to provide for your education and wealth of knowledge about Spirituality, as you would call it. We would call it Life (ha-ha), but we understand that you would discern that four-letter word to be meaning something different.

To us it is all life - Spirit/life they are the same. We provide for you in lots of ways and we are happy this one has agreed to bring this information to you and yours. We know you are “busy” (ha-ha) and we do sincerely appreciate your time and energy and your talents. These sessions are going on all over the world with different SADO’s. They are generally not publicized. And this one is fighting our last word (heavy breathing).

But they could be. They could be publicized. They could be done in larger venues. There have been some opportunities missed during the past month, but you all found some of them that we put in front of you and we are happy with your progress.

Today we want the subject to be about what you would call the afterlife, but we have a question for you. Does it matter about the afterlife or does it matter more about the before the afterlife? The answers are in the before the afterlife. Is there life before the afterlife is our subject for today?

We want you to understand your power and your commitment to the life, to Spirit. Remember they are ONE. When you are driving your car, are you mindful of yourself in your car or are you doing other things; are you singing with the radio, thinking about what you are going to do when you get there, is your mind wandering, are you thinking about the person in the car in front of you? These are ways you are not practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness will allow you to have the life before the afterlife which will change and promote the afterlife for you. Cooking, cleaning, sitting, all those things need to be done in a more mindful way. If you are stirring the pot, stir the pot. Find yourself stirring the pot, not thinking about what you are going to be putting in next. Feel the spoon in your hand, the drag that happens against what you are stirring, the viscosity, the temperature of the product, the smells that come from the pot, what does it look like, etc.

If you are peeling potatoes, peel the potatoes, don’t be thinking about what you are seeing out your window. If you are taking a walk, feel the steps under your feet, each step on a different piece of Mother Earth. Do not think about what else you see. Understand this is mindfulness and mindfulness is what will draw you closer to Spirit, to life. When you practice mindfulness, you have the opportunity to grow, to change, and to take challenges in a different way. To raise your vibrations will change them in a way that will help you to think clearly and change the world. Think about this. Think about this in a different way than you are. Mindfulness is not just during the time you are meditating. Mindfulness can be practiced and needs to be practiced all day, every day. At some points in your day you cannot be self-minded which happens when your mind is only on yourself. There are times in all your existences that your mindfulness can only be on someone else. We understand that. However, you have many times in your day that you can be mindful in different ways than you have been mindful. This can be done without waking you up in the middle of the night. Stop thinking that everyone has to be awakened. Does that make sense to you? Do you understand?

Chris: Absolutely.

Lynn: Thank you for drawing that attention to us again. It is something I lose track of all the time.

SADO: That is one of the challenges for the human body. Those in human body, in the Earth suit, have trouble with that kind of mind energy. But it is possible to do that and that is your lesson for this month to do that. Now we, (breathing) we would like to open this up for conversation and for questions that you might have. This is your time and we would like you to be able use this time in a way that is most beneficial to you as warriors of Spirit.

Lynn: Well, because you brought up the mindfulness for this month, I feel that it is very, what came to me, was it is a good month, a very good month to do this because then we will, as we gather in our families, and in the presence of other people, if we are mindful of what we are saying, what we are doing, then we will have a better connection with those people and be able to share love and experience and understand and feel it. If you are not mindful of what you are doing and or what you are saying than those moments are fleeting and they are not meant to be, not as meaningful. So, this is what came to my mind when you were talking about mindfulness.

SADO: Yes, we are definitely communicating with you about this. And so, we are very happy that you have been able to put this in your words and into your own life.

Chris: And I so appreciate it. This is, obviously I know that you have seen, with my overwhelm, I have not been practicing this like I have, even a couple months ago. And I really, really appreciate the knowing that you are present and helping encourage us to move toward this, and in my case, to move toward this again. Thank you, thank you.

SADO: Why do you think you have received the challenges that you have?

Chris: I understand absolutely the challenges. And I lose that understanding periodically. Overall, I can understand the challenges and that they are opportunities not just challenges. And recently I just moved into a place of looking at them as challenges instead of opportunities, I just couldn’t turn that back around and I so just appreciate you bringing that up, again.

SADO: You are loved in every way you can’tpossibly imagine. You are loved. You are revered. We want you to know that Earth is the most difficult place of all to be. And through Earth’s atmosphere that makes things so difficult we are there spreading our arms around you. We want you to understand you are loved. Each of you are loved, cherished and revered by us. And when I say us, I mean all of SADO and there are no others. We are all Sons and Daughters of the ONE, of the ONE, of the SPIRIT, just like you. The difference is you have a physical body to take care of and we remind you of the frailties of being in body.

You would not have come here if you did not want to learn that lesson. You would not have come here. This is a very hard place to be. We know that and we appreciate that. You have made the decision to come to this place because through your understandings, what you call challenges or opportunities, we all are able to learn and to advance other cultures and universes and planets and stars, as you would call them. We have all information coming toward us and you do not wait until you have, as you say, crossed over. By the way, there is no “over”. We do not wait. All that information that you gather day in and day out, is given to everyone here and with that information we then can help others.

Earth is a very hard place to be, it is school, and it is a very hard school. You are not given much in the way of preparation for coming to school. No one taught you your ABC’s or your colors before you came to Earth. That is very different than other societies, but for you, that was a choice that you made. You were aware that no one would have been giving you the primer before you came into this atmosphere. You forget, some things that gravity creates, creates much learning potential.

You must ask your questions soon.

Lynn: OK.

Chris: I guess I want to end that one and say thank you again. It really brought tears. I guess I really needed to say that. Thank you so much.

SADO: You are loved.

Chris: When you mentioned crossing over and you said, as a side, it is not “over”, that was a real “oh” moment for me, that it is not crossing over. That it is not over anywhere. Can you say a little bit more about that? That is just comfortable when you said, when you cross over but it’s not over. I was thinking “cross” that’s a wonderful word. I am really aware about language of death and of grief. That’s one I wrestled with and gone through a real progression of terms that made sense. “Cross” just to say cross made sense. Can you speak about that - the death/dying process?

SADO: I will make this very quick as we are losing our possibility of more energy.

Chris: Thank you.

SADO: When the spirit leaves the body, it leaves the body with a thud. The body has a tendency to fall into Earth gravity but when the Spirit is released of the body, it is let go and there is no gravity for it, but it does not go anywhere. It is not over, there is no over. There is no door that the body walks through. The body is here. The body’s energy, not the human body but the bodies energy, the Spirit, the soul, as you would call it, are right here and many people can see that energy and can discern and feel that energy. We don’t like to be “walked through” so are usually just rising just above your heads.

When you are mindful about what you are doing, you have a much better indication and the ability to feel how we are right next to you. This is not just the guardian angel; this is all of Spirit.

Lynn: So being mindful, so practicing mindfulness is going to help us to feel Spirit, feel you right here with us, all of us.

SADO: (faintly) Yes. And it is enough.


SADO: We are consumed with this SADO Group. We are consumed with the control and the power that this group can afford those with a broken heart. We understand the need for this. We understand the helpfulness of this. We ask you to release this information.

Lynn: Is teaching sitters how to gain and recognize physical phenomenon as their initial contact the way to show them that Spirit is available to them, not just a parlor trick but as actually their way of opening up their senses and clairs, to see, feel and hear?

SADO: It is difficult for us, the circle of SADO, to understand the need for the rapping and the rattling. We believe that the truth of Spirit is through love and healing the broken hearted from the separation. The taping and the rapping and the rattling, we understand that will speak to the human level. Those are, as you would say, lower level vibrations. The true gift of Spirit is in what you hear which allowed you to leave the situation that was going to be incongruent with your life. (Lynn was called by Spirit to leave a developing dangerous situation earlier that day.)If the physical experiences are needed and necessary, a lower level group will be able to connect with the noises that you, as humans, think you require. That would be a very small part of what we would like you to teach. We would call that the hook. Listening to, feeling the love, feeling the lack of separation, feeling the togetherness of Spirit, understanding how all who are in physical body are one with the ONE. The approved teachings are about the love of SPIRIT for those in the earth suits. We would also like you to teach about the Soul and the Essence that is on this one's website (see above). It is a very important lesson and not talked about. The information about reincarnation (see above)is applicable regarding the final lifetime in the body. You will unfortunately not have time to bring it all through in the details you would like, but the opportunity that you will have will be important.

Lynn: We are wondering about approaching new groups that are forming who seem to want to encourage a set of rules and regulations about how to communicate with Spirit. We have found that your intention, your love, the basic intention on what you want to do with the information as far as sharing, learning, healing, helping creates a much stronger bond with Spirit than dealing with the rules and regulations. Is this true?

SADO: There are many who would like to control how this information is being given. There is some information that is not quite, as you would say, genuine. It matters not why but you understand that as you might say the gut level is appropriate to use in your teaching forum. You will know what is the appropriate information. Do not apologize for that knowledge! The knowledge that is counterintuitive usually has some disingenuousness about it.

We ask that you continue your work with A Course in Miracles. That is important for the foundation of the information and the work you are doing with

SADO. Please understand that the information is provided for you to grow the spirituality, grow the abilities to be with SADO. It is important for your work that you form this foundation. As you read this information, it fills your heart and learning to live with this information is important for your spiritual development, your abilities to see anther and taste and feel and understand the words of Spirit.

Edwina: You are a group of Spirits from another universe, is that correct? Have you had human lives on our Earth?

SADO: Yes, some of us have had human lives on your planet. Many of us have not. It is immaterial however because we have the ability to experience the human experiences without owning the body.

Lynn: Do we sometimes travel in our dreams?

SADO: Yes, sometimes, but you have much to work out in the planetary system that you are in. It is difficult for you to move up that many levels to go to other galaxies. The levels that you are able to experience through your dreams are enough for many who are wearing the earth suits.