Multi-Dimensional Self

Multi-Dimensional Self™ Healing Technique (MDS) was created and channeled to Kathryn Hamilton Cook and Barbara Standiford. This spiritual healing modality has at its foundation the fact that "we are more than our physical bodies, or even our thoughts and emotions. Healing the multi-dimensional self (MDS) is dependent on working with aspects of the MDS to release non-functional patterns. This healing is a process of re-integration of parts of our energy that have been lost. Healing in incarnation is the process of re-claiming what was lost in past forays into lower vibratory expression It is the process of transforming our separation consciousness into unity with the ONE."

In working with a highly trained practitioner who connects with their spiritual guidance and the client's spiritual guidance, these difficult and unhealthy patterns can be shifted to align with healing intentions. This raises vibratory levels, as higher vibrational energy transforms and moves lower vibratory energies. This healing positively effects the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies of the client.

Multi-Dimensional Self™ Healing is a trademark of Kathryn Hamilton-Cook and Barbara Standiford. All rights reserved.