Essential Oils

Guided Essential Oil Treatment and Healing Process©. This modality identifies which oils and custom oil blends are in your highest and best good. I work with my Guidance who works with your Guidance to determine what your specific and individualized needs are. You will experience, in my office, the application of SPIRIT guided essential oils that will address any areas of concern you may have, as well as those our Guidance selects for you. The oils will be applied according to our Guidance, so please wear loose fitting clothing. (60 minutes)

Guided Essential Oil Treatment©. A custom oil blend will be created through Guidance that you will use at home to support the area or areas identified by your Guidance. Also provided for you will be usage information, application and the reasons behind this unique oil blend. (40 minutes)

Refill and/or Tweak Session©. Your body may have a need for a change to be made to your unique oil blend. This will be accomplished during a refill and/or tweak season. These sessions are usually very short, 15 minutes or so, and your original bottle of unique oils will reflect the needed difference. Please bring your original oils with you to the appointment.

Both the Guided Essential Oil Treatment© and Refill and/or Tweak Session© have a distance healing option, which means that I am able to facilitate the session and ship the oil and report to you. You do not need to come to my office for these distance healing opportunities.