Many people have specific issues they would like Spirit to help with. You might be struggling with:

  • an inability to attain or maintain your perfect weight
  • financial abundance
  • finding and maintaining a quality, loving relationship
  • finding learning to be fun and easy
  • accessing and implementing your inner healer
  • doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results but not attaining them
  • feeling your house, property or business is not providing the successful environment you expect or want
  • feeling sick and tired

Through Spiritual Response Therapy, our High Self Committees are able to identify and clear the blocks and interferences you may be experiencing through protocols that are designed to work through these specific issues. Sometimes these can be cleared by High Self and other times they are brought to your attention in a different way that allows you to learn what is needed. High Self may instruct you to use alternate methods such as affirmations, prayer and/or meditation to move you into a healthier, more balanced and successful state.

The protocols that we use for these struggles are:

  • Attaining and Maintaining Your Perfect Weight
  • Having the Prosperity and Success You Want and Deserve
  • Having the Loving Relationship You Want and Deserve
  • Love to Learn
  • Healing the Inner Healer
  • Aligning all Vows, Contracts and Agreements for Your Highest and Best Good
  • Clearing for House, Property, Business Success
  • Healing the Desire to Suffer

These protocols can be done face to face or by phone whether or not you are present at the time. Of course the session will be recorded, at no additional cost. Each of the protocols take a different amount of time depending on the person and the protocol. You will be advised of the cost when the appointment time and date are confirmed. The time usually ranges from 60 - 120 minutes with the cost being from $73 to $150. The protocols regarding your relationships and the desire to suffer are usually significantly longer (up to 4 hours in length) and can be divided into two or more sessions.