Testimonials About Jane's Clearing Work.

No self help book, no spiritual practice or healing individual has done more for me than the single soul clearing session I had with Jane Bissler.

Jane cleared an entity from me that I thought WAS me, but as it left I realized exactly where this entity had come from. When I was about 5 I was always drawn to this awful farm on the other side of the creek from our house. I say it was an awful farm because they would sometimes not milk their cows and we would hear them bawling, it was a run down place and to be avoided, and yet - as a child I was drawn to it. Fortunately, I had the sense to never go there. I believe it was someone who died at that farm.

When Jane released this entity from me, as well as clearing any addiction I may have to this parasite/hitchhiker, I felt for the first time in decades what it was like to be the only person in my body. Now when I look at some of the of photos of myself I know it is this entity looking out. I'm not going to quibble about whether I was a multiple personality or not, or whether this was a spirit possession. This is beside the point. I was a spiritual and devoted child who at younger ages had experiences of rapture. But I was also a psychic child who was not protected or understood. My session with Jane was the single most transforming healing experience I've had. I have no idea why or how I was joined by this entity, but the freedom from it was life altering.

I hope Jane has a glimmer of how deeply this entity was embedded and how different it felt for me when I was free at last.

Gretchen Vogel

author, Choices In The Afterlife

practicing medium, yogi and gardener

Keene, NH