Clearing Your Soul

Services Offered by Jane and Linda

The initial session

Your initial session with Linda will be scheduled for two hours. This includes consultation time to take your personal history and ensure the clearing process is tailored to your specific needs.

Email Linda at The cost of this initial, recorded, two hour session is $150.00. Subsequent follow-up sessions are $75.00 and usually last about an hour.

Questions and Answer Sessions

If you feel you were unable to ask all the questions you wanted or would like to talk about your session subsequently, additional time can be scheduled at the rate of $1.00/minute.

Subsequent Clearing Sessions

Clearings are very powerful. They allow the soul to be more open and clearer to live in this world with more direction and higher functioning. Being clear also allows us to attain greater spiritual levels while here on earth. Sometimes as we learn and experience new things, we need to be cleared again so that we can continue to attain more. Subsequent clearings are shorter (usually lasting about an hour). Jane and Linda recommend you schedule a subsequent clearing session about two months after your initial one, and then quarterly for the first year after the initial clearing. Most people appreciate having a full clearing done every six months after the first year has elapsed but others make it a point to have a follow up clearing near their birthday each year. This allows them to get the most out of their life and live with a clear soul.

If you feel the need to have a follow-up clearing before it would normally be scheduled, we will check with both our high self committees and yours to ascertain what would be in your best interest. We have seen positive results from meeting with people for follow up before two months post the initial clearing, but it really does depend on what is in your highest and best interest. We can't determine this, but your high self committees can and will when asked.

Email Jane at or Linda at for more information and to schedule your initial, follow-up questions or ask questions and gain answers. Again the cost for subsequent sessions is $75.00.

Continuous Clearing

Linda and Jane are pleased to offer a brand new service. We will be offering continuous clearings for those we have previously and are currently working with. Jane ran a beta test late last year to find the efficacy of keeping people clear without having to request these services each time. Some people were cleared weekly and some were cleared monthly. These clients reported feeling the "fresh, relaxed, grounded and focused feelings that were received from my initial and follow up clearings". Many also felt more focused in their professional lives and several reported accomplishing more than they "ever thought possible in such a short amount of time".

Jane also studied the results of using Spiritual Restructuring in this same way. It was also a huge success for those who are experiencing physical issues. Not only did they find relief but their physicians reported the tests they ran showed great improvement. These clients were divided into two groups. Group A was for those who are currently working with acute physical issues. These clients were worked on weekly. Group B was for people who are experiencing more prolonged and chronic conditions. These people were worked on monthly. The results for this group were not as impactful as they wished, so a change was made to working with their energy weekly and their improvement increased ten-fold.

We are offering this new SRT service at a reduced rate of $43 per month for weekly clearings. The charge of $28 per month is the rate for monthly clearings. If you would like to be cleared every other month or have quarterly clearings you will only be billed for the month in which the work is done. An email report will be sent to you. If you would like to schedule an appointment to talk about the meaning of what was cleared for you, this will be billed at $1.25 per minute. If you would like the standard one hour follow up clearing in person or on the phone and/or a recording of the session, then you will want to schedule an appointment for a followup clearing with Linda or Jane. The Spiritual Restructuring clearings will be done by Jane and the cost is $53 per month. For any type of clearing you will receive an email briefly stating what was cleared for you at this particular session.

All payments will be made through credit card and will be billed monthly. Email us TODAY to register for this life changing clearing opportunity. Imagine what it will feel like to be kept clear, focused, grounded and relaxed!