Hugs of Understanding From SADO

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2015 was a very interesting year for Chris Mulligan, Edwina Moldover, Lynn Lee and Jane Bissler. It was during the summer of this year when the group formed a development circle. Chris an intuitive, medium and psychic had been honing her craft of mediumship even before the sudden death of her son Zac. She wrote about her loving relationship with him in her book, Afterlife Agreements: A Gift From Beyond. Lynn and Edwina had been attending a development circle at the Arlington Metaphysical Chapel for several years with their primary focus being to connect with their children Nicole and Rachel, respectively. Lynn who practices physical mediumship was interested in expanding her capabilities by joining a second circle. Jane who is not a bereaved parent and who has dedicated the past 30 years of her professional life serving the needs of, writing books for i.e.i.e. Loving Connections and doing research about bereaved parents, was open to what would develop being a part of this group.  

Through prayer, meditation, the use of trumpets and table tipping, a connection was made. This was pursued over several years when this group was face to face at conferences. Much to our surprise a group of evolved nonphysical entities, self named SADO (Sons And Daughters of the ONE) arrived via open trance channel, Jane. SADO's purpose was stated as providing education for bringing healing for the broken hearts of bereaved parents in ways that their child's death can be assimilated in the parent's current life. From that point forward, this group has met several times each month by phone to offer a time for SADO to speak and to teach about life, death, grief, spirituality and ways to live our lives. We have gained incredible information and would like to share some of their messages with you.

During meditation sessions, Jane is able to channel the group, SADO, and receive messages from them. At times, the group of Chris, Lynn and Edwina come together for these meditations, other times Jane brings SADO through on her own. Jane has also brought SADO through for several groups who have had the opportunity to ask questions of them. 

SADO has requested that their messages be available to those who are grieving. As such, messages will be posted on this site as they are given. At this point, there is a two year backlog of sessions that need to be transcribed and posted here. The newest messages will be posted first and the older ones will be added as they are available. Come back to the site often or send an email ( to be notified when new content is added.



During this initial session, we were working with a tray from the hotel beginning to communicate with Spirit through physical mediumship. SADO had come in, introduced themselves and mentioned that they were a group of 12 beings, self named SADO (Sons and Daughters of the One). Lynn questioned them about the identities of the 12 energies. 

SADO: You needn't question the 12 pillars of strength who make up this body. Know that we are with you and gather our energy to provide information for you. Our energy will continue to be lighter as the circle of strength continues. There is much power in the physical presence of this gathering and much could be accomplished without showing you physically our power but doing so in a more verbal way. It is not difficult for us to come through a willing vessel but harder to learn for presence maintained as well as moving the vocal cords.

Thank you for presenting to the least of us on behalf of us. We are providing the spark of SPIRIT as you are using your human consciousness to impart our knowledge and power and energy. This is an important process that you undertake for the place in which you live. Many are now channeling as you call it. Those that can hear and will give words are revered. There is much to learn and there is much to teach.

It is important for you to know and to impart that the children you are here to honor are on the level with SPIRIT and no longer represent themselves as an offspring. They play the part but it is as an actor. True spiritual and grief freedom comes from an acknowledgement of this change. They, each one, have been empowered to come home when they feel it is right. This is not egotistically done but in the service to others.

Of the many branches they (or you) choose or had chosen, the growth is acquired by the human soul. From this experience they are learning the lessons that are not able to be taught in other ways. The development of the souls during the war and conflicts brings much growth to your society due to the energy differences from the learning that is required to be done by the survivors.

The individual deaths are just as important as the deaths that are in mass. They will all change the coverage of that subject from Spirit as you say.

There is no such thing as a crystal ball. There is no such thing as a calendar of events. This is made up to help some feel better about their own situations. Suicide happens as a habit from that soul who comes to work through issues of hopelessness and helplessness. 

You understand there are different members of Sado. They are each an expert in an individual area and you will understand them each separately as time goes forward. They speak in their own voices however they might sound a bit different when they are using another physical system of knobs and tubes. Haha. I am the voice of the one which is the combination of all. 

Lynn -  Who was speaking to us before? 

SADO: He was a male energy called Grus. And you also heard from the seraphim of the group who you felt before you were getting started.

And it is enough. 



SADO: Good Evening, You have called to SADO - Sons and Daughters of the ONE. Our energy is with you, never doubt it's existence. We welcome this contact. 

Lynn:  We ask for your guidance now?

SADO: Our guidance is always here. You are not missing one. We are all here. Each group of workers has possibilities waiting for them for communication, education, commitment, guidance. We are guidance for this group and at a very high level that you deserve. You're minds are not as open to the possibilities  as we would like them to be. It is  easy for us to work through the trays and its not necessary for us to do other parlor tricks as you understand our mission and connection and as you understand this more you will have less of a need for this. Energy for the tray is not necessary and isn't needed to be brought forward.

We are being filtered this afternoon for which makes the communication more difficult as this one understands how this is to work and has the need for control. However, last evening was too much as this one is being drained by this process.

We wish to say thank you to all of you for your work of us today. The messages you shared were profound and we send you lessons for shepherding of our flock, the most needy of all.

Do you wish to know of us?

Lynn - we are so excited about our communication with you on this level. I for one am open to all possibilities. My mind thinks something different than my heart and my soul and I'm trying to find the connection and make them together.

SADO: There are not three separate parts as you say.  There would be 12 of us working with this group but you are all ONE. We are all a part of this ONE. And when you lean into the knowledge and confidence of the ONE your heart and your body and your energy field will then see and work with us as ONE.

Lynn - Spirit are you saying that our guides, children are really all one? We can go to the ONE rather than guides?

SADO: All souls who choose this existence come from the ONE source. All souls who choose this existence return to the ONE. The Source made them leave a personal stamp or a hologram of themselves for you to be connected with. But yes, they're all ONE as your energy works together as ONE. You know how to funnel this energy into a stream. Others do not, others do not and cannot and what you bring to the table is the present. Spiritually unhealthy souls are uninformed, not disabled. Those choosing to not be pure energy can carve nicks into your energy field and can take some time to heal. 


COMMITMENT (1/25/16)

SADO: And we appreciate you being with us today, knowing that much turmoil has happened in some of your lives. And we appreciate the effort that you make to be with us and to hear us, as we know that you are beginning to hear more as we are working together in a way that is beneficial for your soul as well as your environment and your community of followers and believers. 

We are happy that you have gained much from the analogy of the sail boat. We see you using and listening and rehearing that information throughout the time that we are not together in an audible way. You understand now that we are always together but sometimes it is not in an audible way as we are today.

This one was surprised about the exactness of the information between this one and the medium. That should not be surprising to any of you as you are connected as ONE.

We have dedicated our time and energy to be with the four of you and you have the same vibration together. It’s not only because of your experiences, it is because of who you have been and who you currently are through knowledge that you are to gain and what you bring. Your vibrations are impacting our ability to get through, for you to hear us and as you work as a group with us being audible. Your stance becomes more like one.

Can you feel your vibration change when the four of you are together in person or on the apparatus?

Chris: I do absolutely and when you just said you are connected as one, the same vibration, I felt it, um, right in my heart chakra. 

SADO: This is true. This is true, you are all able to feel this. It is imperative that you work together in a more present way. It is imperative if you want to continue to expand with us. It is not so if you are happy at the way the information you are currently getting. We have much more to share with you but that is going to take more information time. 

Chris: More information time, are you speaking literally or? You don’t have time. And so are you meaning in our time?

SADO: This is for you. We also do not have this language. This language is your language for you to understand. When we talk about time it is about the time that you who are inhabiting bodies are ruled by. We speak in this language as it matches the vibration of your language. If we were working with someone who has a different language, we would speak in that vibration. We do not have language as you know it to be. 

Lynn: You are asking for a deeper commitment and more time for us to work together?

SADO: We are letting you know that if you want to make a deeper commitment and have more time together we will be happy to bring forth more information.

Lynn: Thank you. We will discuss that and I hope that is possible.

SADO: Our topic today is about guilt. We understand that your society would like you to be ruled by guilt. It is not something that we would like you to identify as a real emotion. Guilt is something that has been placed on the human condition. Guilt is fear and it is your responsibility to understand and to know what that fear is all about. You must do the work to uncover grudges, the feeling of guilt, so that you can truly understand the fear that is behind this non-feeling.

Many of you in your society are hampered and are allowing the energy to be taken out of you because of guilt feelings. There is no place in this laboratory level for the feelings of guilt. It is a waste.  It is not something that is helpful for you or will advise any true learning.

However, we understand that you may have been taught as a very young child that guilt is something that you will always feel. Can you truly say that you have no guilt? The answer to this is no. And if you want to be able to reach and continue to go further in this vibratory level, it is important for you to understand that guilt will weigh you down like the anchor on your boat. What’s in your sail?

Edwina: The wind is Spirit. 

SADO: This is not the only thing that sets your sail.

Lynn: Love and Hope 

SADO: Correct. And the respect for others.   

Lynn: Respect, yeah.

SADO: Compassion, gentleness, sincerity, faith, hope. These are the attributes that will fill your sails. These are the attributes that will help you to be healthy in the spiritual, physical, emotional ways. As those wearing the earth suits, it is difficult to always have those as your commandments but it is imperative for our work together that you make those your top priorities. 

Now think about what is in the way of your wind.

Lynn: Fear and mine is guilt.  Guilt and judgment.

SADO: Sadness   

Lynn: Sadness, yeah. 

SADO: Loss          

Lynn: Grief

SADO: When you know there is no such thing.   

Lynn: No such thing as sadness?

SADO: No such thing as true loss.

Lynn: No such thing as true loss. 

SADO: Injustice, dependency, addiction, superiority, despair, excuses, unwillingness for understanding others, doom, fatalistic beliefs; all of these things will take  the wind from your sails. That will cause you to go backwards, backwards in the life of spirit, backwards in the schedule of vibration, which allows you to contact us and to hear us.  The wind in your sails are aspects to meditate on, to find them in your life, to use them as deposits in a spiritual bank. They will provide for you.  Do you have questions?

Edwina: Not really a question but a request. Could you go back to our last conversation? Could you say more about the consciousness, the subconscious and the superconscious? I would like to understand better.

SADO: The conscious mind is the one you feel that tells you what to do every day. It is your conscious mind that makes out your grocery list. It is your conscious mind that, if you are safe, you use when you are driving. It is your conscious mind that allows you to make plans. That is very simply put but that is a good starting elementary understanding. 

The subconscious mind is more connected to your past lives and your life of the spiritual fulfillment in the body. The subconscious mind has the memories. The subconscious mind is the one that is filtering the information from the soul, from us, from experiences that you have had while you have been within this body. The subconscious mind sometimes shows that you will say things that you may not have heard in your conscious mind yet.

For the conscious mind, you will formulate a word in the subconscious mind or an idea on the subconscious mind that will go to the conscious mind then to be explained. That is why there is sometimes a stuttering when we are talking to you because as we give this information to this one’s subconscious mind, the filter between it and the conscious mind is too thick. If this one was not insistent on listening, this filter would not be in place (ha ha ha). 

The superconscious mind is the connection to the soul. The soul is always one with spirit. And the superconscious mind is the golden cord between spirit, the superconscious mind and then is filtered between the superconscious to the subconscious mind. If there is no filter between the superconscious and the conscious mind free will would have a very difficult time in being.  We’ve promised you free will when you came here. And you becoming completely reliant on the superconscious mind would not allow you to have the experiences of the free will. Does that help you?

Edwina: Yes, it does. Thank you, especially the information on the connections between the superconscious mind and someone in spirit. That is where I was a little confused and that helps.      Thank you.

SADO: You are welcome.

Lynn: So to connect what you were saying with the lesson for today about guilt, we feel guilty mostly in our conscious mind.

SADO: That is correct. 

Lynn: Obviously not so much in our subconscious and not at all in our superconscious.

SADO: That is correct. You have gotten the message that you are in human body, you have human emotions. Guilt is a human emotion. Love is a superconscious emotion. That which puts wind in your sail is superconscious emotion. It is where they are kept. That which takes wind out of your sail are human emotion.

Lynn: Ok, but the connection, I feel, is because we came here on earth to be human and to feel these emotions. But you are trying to tell me not to feel the guilty emotion, even though it is a human emotion or just don’t allow it to take the wind out of my sail in order to advance.

SADO: It is important for you to know where the guilt is attached, what it is attached to. It is important for you to understand where the fear is attached, what it is attached to.  This is the reason why you are in human body. Not to feel those human emotions but for you to know where they have come from, and why you are feeling them. This is the work of the human; not to feel them but to know why. And then to replace them with that which puts wind in your sail. We are not telling you what to feel and what not to feel. That is not our place. You have free will to feel whatever you want to feel. That is not something that we are going to work with you on. 

Lynn: No, I know that. I understand that what we are going to work on is replacing those feeling with ones that put wind in our sails in order to advance our vibration in order to move forward.

SADO: Yes, that is true. And we understand, we understand that it is a difficult place for souls to be - in human suits. We do not have an expectation that you will be like us. We understand that you have created great sacrifice for you to be establishing yourself within the human body. We are simply giving you a task to do.  A task that will benefit you, for you who want to raise your vibration.  You could go through the rest of your years, your so called life, without doing this work and you would be perfectly within your rights to do that.  However, you have informed us that you would like to reach higher states. We are just helping you to know what you might want to try to establish that.

There are some who become impatient to reach a balance,  they want to achieve so much that their love sometimes sounds a bit gruff.  

Chris: I fully understand, and thank you for explaining that. So the way I am processing this is the way I can move my vibration higher. And I am thinking in terms of past life regressions and meditations to help me understand what is holding me to those feelings of guilt and some of those others that you mentioned. Are those ways that might help us?

SADO: No, past life regression will not benefit you in raising your vibration or understanding what you are going through during this lifetime because the environment and society was completely different at that time. The feelings that you had the last time you inherited a body do not match with society and where you are in this lifetime. You have had, all of you, all of you have had many lifetimes in other universes. If you were going to go back to past lives to understand what you are feeling here on earth it would be like apples and steel buildings. There is no way to compare this. It is interesting that past life regression work with your society has taken a, as you would say, foothold. However, that is for entertainment purposes only. That will not help you to understand what it is that you are coming here to understand. I can, however, answer that question for you at this time. These are things that you wanted to experience during this time that you are inhabiting and interned in this body. It is as simple as that. If you feel that you are judgmental. That is not due to a past life. That is due to something you wanted to experience in this lifetime and to learn not to be judgmental. It is true you might have been judged in a past lifetime. It is true you might have experienced it in some way during the past, or many past lifetimes. But it would not have come into play unless that was something that you wanted to work through during this particular lifetime. It is written, it is written what it is that you want to work through during this lifetime. And that is what you are doing. 

Chris: Thank you, Thank you for explaining, I really appreciate that.

SADO: You are welcome.

SADO: Do you have other ways that you would like explanation for?

Chris:  I was going to ask because I had said past lives or meditation, I was wondering if meditation is the way that you are suggesting, because it is a way to get in touch with this lifetime that we are experiencing now?

SADO: Meditation is a way to connect and connect with the subconscious and the superconscious. Meditation is a way to make sure of your track and is very helpful in knowing your soul plan.  That is very limited, not meditation but your soul plan. It is important for you to understand that the plan is very sparse and that through meditation you have the ability to work with and connect with your superconscious. In that superconscious state you have reopened books. We call that the reopen book policy, ha ha, (laugh). It allows you to see, it allows you to know, it allows you to connect with the superconscious and spirit. It is something more and more your society is doing. And meditation with the four of you together will be quite important. You do not need to be on this apparatus. However, in order for you to have the power of the meditation you could be in the comfort of your own homes at a particular time for a particular space of time. And the vibration of the energy that the four of you would emit without you having to go through higher vibratory levels and to allow more opportunities for you to advance. That is what we meant by learning to work together in different ways.  There are many ways for you to work together to increase your vibration. That is just one of them.  Just remember when you are on the apparatus or with us this is a sort, type of meditation that you are doing now. When you are corresponding with each other you are listening and processing our words that is another way for you to raise your vibration, and as you say, being in a meditative state.  We have a good plan for you. We see this as a long term commitment that we have made to the four of you. We feel confident, completely, as you can handle us going forward with your learning. We will provide for you love, opportunity, growth.

Lynn: Which raises my vibration out of the sadness, loneliness, and brings me hope and peace.

SADO: And that is our light and that is our hope.

LYNN: Yes. Through my own peace may I bring peace to others.

SADO: You have no other choice.         

LYNN repeats: I have no other choice.

SADO: When you are peaceful, the peace you bring to others is not a choice. It will just from your physical body, your earth suit. The same is said for all that brings wind to your sails. When you are connected to those emotions that brings wind to your sails, it also exudes from your body to everyone and everything that you come into contact with.

Lynn: That is wonderful. I am so grateful to be able to be a big part of that.

SADO: And we believe it is wonderful too.   

SADO: If you have no more questions we will be going as the energy is fading.

Edwina: Thank you for coming. 

Chris: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lynn: I just wanted to thank my daughter especially, our daughters and your sons, for allowing, helping us to get together, for bringing us closer together so that we can form this group. It is in tragedy that sometimes causes some wonderful things to happen.

SADO: And they are with us as well.

Lynn: I am glad. Just send them our love.


SADO: And we are here. We wish to discuss the program, A Course in Miracles, with you today. We wish you to live this book and live the information.  
Unless you do this process, you will not be able to gather from the book of which you are able to. 

To live this book means that your every thought and word go through the process of learning and doing the book, what the book says. 
So for example, we are looking at the fact that nothing you see is real and it doesn't really exist and it can't be threatened in your own lives because of that which is alive is the Spirit of God and the Spirit of God can never be put asunder. This is the property of the Spirit of the body. 

It is important for you to understand that the channels of this book are Christian in nature. However, if you replace the word God with the word SPIRIT and also replace the word Jesus with any higher evolved man or woman from the earth, you will be on the right track, as you would say. So do not become concerned with the language. Make sure that you are integrating the meaning of the words that come from the human. When you cross over you will find that the language you will be using will not have so many problems as you have now indicated.

 Edwina: Why was English and Christianity used as origin of the book. Was it because of it's popularity or would it have more acceptance.

 SADO: “NO, no that is not correct. We understand why you may think that but it is that with any channeled information it is to, as you would say, make sense to the person that is the channel. We use some words that this one would not use in the home language but in order for this one to bring it forward in an understandable way this one will convert that word to something that has the same meaning although sometimes it is just close to the language that this one speaks and so those who are listening will understand. So the people that were channeling, who were given this information to channel had a Christian foundation and instead of using the word only as SPIRIT or those who have been highly evolved they used something that made sense to them; God and Jesus.

 Lynn : What is the reference "the Holy Spirit" then?

 SADO: The Holy Spirit is All the energy which is SPIRIT, which is as you would say, all capital letters and the Holy Spirit is the energy that reports to SPIRIT. The Holy Spirit has other duties than just holding the space for the Spirit Body.

 Lynn : OK that will be very helpful. When we read words we tend to put a picture on it and if we put a different picture on it, a different meaning to those words we would be able to accept them in our own minds.

 SADO:  Yes, and you bring up a valuable point. And that point is that we are talking about illusions. The illusions that you use when you are reading can be any illusions and you may look at the word Holy Spirit as a flickering candle light. When someone else may look at the word Holy Spirit and see a ball of light. And someone else might look at the words of Holy Spirit and look at the Ghost of the Trinity. Illusions are things that we brought to whatever plane to help us make sense out of the experience. Please understand however that the illusions that you create come from your own belief systems. The heart of this book is looking at the belief systems that you have. Your common pretense is that what you see you believe. But the common pretense of this book is what you believe you will see. Creating the illusions have to match the belief system that you want to have- not the belief system you currently have, that might not be helping you live in your community. There are some questions now about this that we would like you to discuss among yourselves. Please understand that we are listening and we will be with you as you work through this premise. 

Lynn: OK. Are you going to give us some questions. 

SADO left abruptly and Jane came back. 
Discussion continued about the actual channeling session. 
Then discussion of language and illusions. 
SADO asked (through Jane) that we discuss the following points. 

 SADO: What is your word for the particular essence of words like God? 

Our discussions included: It's all about our perception of what is God. But we might not really know until we get there. 
It changes and it is different for each person. 
We can't totally understand it with our brain. 
They will help us but we all interpret it differently. 

SADO: How do you explain God? 
SADO: What is God? 

Our discussion:  There are as many different answers as there are people. You have to use your heart to try to understand that. We can’t understand the full concept of God until we get there. Thru living this book we can understand SPIRIT and the purpose of life in a deeper understanding. 

Discussion continues on SADO's words:  What you see is what you believe. But the goal is what you believe you will now see. 

 Our Discussion: Having a deeper understanding of what we believe and then we will start seeing it in the world instead of just believing what you see. SADO ask up to study a quote from the book (ACIM) on page IX in the introduction, preface.  

ACIM: It is the Holy Spirit's goal to help us escape from the dream world by teaching us to reverse our thinking and unlearn our mistakes. 
SADO adds the words: and beliefs. 

SADO: It is the Holy Spirit's goal to help us escape from the dream world by teaching us to reverse our thinking and beliefs and unlearn our mistakes. 

Chris: There is something that they want us to get today, the two issues.  
Illusions- the way we view them. 
The illusions that we use some of them are...

SADO speaks: beneficial to you and some of them are not. You need to be able to look at the illusions that you use and understand how they affect your life.  
If you are confronting a particular issue, say your performance, Our Sister Edwina, and you begin to say, “I am overwhelmed, I am nervous, I am anxious”, that becomes your reality. Now that illusion has more power than you credit it. That you are overwhelmed in this situation, it is important for you to understand that it is an illusion. 

Edwina: OK, Thank you. 

SADO: What you are feeling about your belief about the situation. This is the reason we had this one rewrite the sentence on the page. 
By adding the word “and beliefs” into that changes the meaning and the actual work that needs to be done about that for this group! 
When you say, "I don't have time", you create a situation where there is no time. Ha ha. This is funny to us because of course there is no time.  
But when you are making a statement that comes from your belief, that is something that you are creating as a reality. 
We are not going to talk about reality today. We want you to discuss examples of the illusions that you are working on an individual basis and how they would be different if you changed that communication with yourself. 

Lynn: That's a big homework. 

SADO: It should be ongoing, it is about time (ha ha) you are working with this and continuing to help your life. 

Lynn : I want to talk about how belief systems that are built on from childhood become your reality. If we could only think and only say and only feel what we want in life our whole world would change. 


08/08/16  GUILT


Edwina spoke of not being able to distinguish her Spirit guides (due to curiosity she wanted to know).

Lynn had personal questions about her personal guides and how they chose us for this group. How are we going to connect with others who have channeling groups? She also wanted reassurance about her channeling. She felt guilty because she felt like she turned it off. 

 SADOGuilt is an emotion that is a waste of time. Guilt is not for you to be having. It is a waste of your energy. The words are coming to you, but not from this group. They are coming from your committee that is helping you with this part of your life. You all have many committees that are helping you with the different parts – this one has not turned on the recorder and it must be done. You have many committees that are helping you with it.  You are in physical existence. It is very hard to be in the physical bodies that you inhabit. We understand that but you have come to this place because of free will. The planet earth, as you call it, is where one comes to exercise the free will. The decisions that you are making are allowing you to work on the free will. Now you know why it is so difficult to be in the body. 

We call the experiences you face as challenges. You chose this earth to work on your skills of free will. There are 12 of us in the SADO group and the language that you are hearing is a compilation of the 12 of us. We have no spokesperson necessarily although sometimes you will enter into a specialty area and therefore you will be hearing a different accent. It may be difficult for this one, the musculature in her mouth, to bring you this compilation but this one has agreed to try it. The accents are from the life that we most enjoyed being in. If you took it to a sound person they would not be able to tell specifically where it is from but it is the way that we speak as the combination, the compilation, with one voice. 

 Lynn:  Can you tell us more about the 12 of you?

 SADO: We have come together because we were called by you and we wanted to give the information to you that you request. We are all pieces of your committees, as you are all pieces of each other, and have come together in a special way to teach and support. This group of SADO was not in existence until you called us to be so. It is easier for you to gather information about what you are wanting from us. We could go through and teach lesson after lesson after lesson. It is most interesting for us to know what it is that you are working on, what questions do you have about the day to day living and learning that you are doing. Do you understand that many groups who are communicating with others on your planet are doing the communication because of questioning? 

 Lynn: Are there many like us who have questions and are making changes in their lives?

 SADO: There are many many of you, there are many many who do not search the Spiritual realms for the answers. There are many, many who do not make the changes that they could be making, there are some who are making some changes but it is not enough.

 Chris: Are those the ones who have to come back again if they don’t learn the lessons? Do we choose to come back to keep learning the lessons?

 SADO: You are right to use the word choice. It is your choice to come back to this planet or to go to another universe or to stay in Spirit. This is not about necessarily what you do during this lifetime or those some people have as their soul’s work. They plan what they would like to experience and what challenges. If your society is not able to support the learning, sometimes they choose to return to the same place. But please remember that this is the planet of free will. 

 Chris: Because I am not familiar with the other choices we have for lifetimes, are there other places we can go that the lessons are not in relation to freewill. Are there more advanced places to go to learn different lessons?

 SADO: There are many different planets, there are many different universes, there are what you can choose and each of them have their own experiences and challenges. There are some places that souls inhabit that don’t have free will as a challenge, many infact. They do not, they are not .…with the options that you are faced with. There is one clear path to take and they take that one clear path. The experiences of that one clear path makes up their living and learning. 

 Lynn: The other planets or universes, is death, dying, killing part of those or just her on earth?

 SADO: There are some that have war, like you have here but you are reaching that limit. There are others that have none of that. But they have other lessons to learn but this is not what you wanted to learn in this particular lifetime.

 Lynn: Do we reach a stage of peace and not kill each other and find out about disease, if so, what would be left of earth?

 SADO: Learning to live in a peaceful state would cause much anxiety to many. They came to this planet to learn about those issues. And they are all based in free will. If you look at your life, everything is based on YOUR free will whether it happens in an argument or a heated discussion as you call it, ha ha ha, it is based in free will. 

 Lynn: So we’ll never have peace here?

 SADO: Spirit again has the opportunity to morph and change as your society changes. Some would come home if they were in this situation of living in a peaceful life. But many others would be able to do all kinds of things on their life plan if they were living in a peaceful environment.

 Lynn: Some feel we would be unable to be humans in peace . . . 100 years of peace. . . but is that part of the free will…

 SADO: It is not probable. 

 Lynn:  Is that because there can’t be peace without conflict?

 SADO: The powers that be on this earth do not have an interest in creating peace around the globe. Political and economic aspects are not going to promote or allow for a peaceful globe. Much would have to change of this and it is not set up to make the change at this time. Those who have come in, in the last 50 years or so, do not have any expectation or thinking in their life plans that would lead them to live in a peaceful society. 

 Lynn: So those of us who would love to be in that, can you give us ideas how we are to take this information and allow ourselves to be here in the violence?

 SADO: Your life plan is not particularly focused. You have much work to do above and beyond world peace. You can create a peaceful environment in your home, in your community and within your reach. It is not a bad thing, as you would say, to strive for the peace. SADO does not want to set anyone up for failure. It is important for you to have confidence in what you can do. Continue to strive to do just that.

 Lynn: Working on peace helps raise my vibration. 

 SADO: That is correct. Raising your vibration is also being done by the action that you are doing with the course. 

 Lynn: Was it correct that my vibration changed today before this call?

 SADO: A few others have felt it but perhaps in not much of a physical way. You are providing much peace with sending out your notes from your blog on a daily basis. It is not meant to feel guilty, it is just giving you the information. Do not perceive the information as being judgmental. 

 Lynn: I want to do that again

 SADO: That is all that SADO asks. Perfection is not something that you came to earth to experience. But please remember that when we are talking about perception it is very different than knowing and this will be found in your course material as well. It is important for SADO to have the three of you knowing not the three of you knowing not the three of you perceiving. Knowing that SADO is coming through to you, knowing that you were each chosen for this experience, knowing that you called to SADO to come to you, knowing that the information that you are gathering is for your own learning and light. This is a fact not a perception. It is important that you understand that questioning this one we are talking to as well, wake up! Questioning is not helpful for the relationship between SADO and you three. This one is very bright but she could not come up with all of these answers. hahaha… 

 Lynn: Why were you saying us three not four?

 SADO: Because this one is the vehicle. The information is downloaded to her in a different way. She has not been able, at this time, to completely allow us to come through without monitoring what we are going to say. When this is done, some of our accent will be dropped and the understanding will increase. The monitoring that she is doing is not stopping us from sharing information to you but it does take this one out of the loop in some situations. Going forth, going forward is not something that you need to be concerned about at this moment. That will happen when it happens and there is nothing wrong at this point in time with making those changes and thinking about that future however it is not something that is extremely interesting and things will change according to your freewill. 

 Lynn: So it’s a combination of knowing and trusting that knowing things will change within us. 

 SADO: Knowing the “ultimate trusting” is the down position from simply knowing. Knowing is the top, trusting is under knowing, perceiving under trusting. And it goes down from there. Knowing is what we are asking you to strive for. 

 Lynn: So its perceiving then trusting then we get to knowing?

SADO: You do not have to make those steps, our daughter. You can know that you know that you know. You know that your beautiful Nicole is with you. That is the knowing. That is the knowing that we are talking about. You have no doubt that you …the energy of that made them who they were, which of course is Spirit energy and always with you. That is knowing. It was certainly not something that happened at the beginning of your process but we are sure that it is there now which is the reason why SADO came forward to you. It was a willing candidate. Hahaha.

 Lynn: We are grateful for your communication.

 SADO: And we are sincerely grateful that you are no longer asking us to do parlor tricks. Hahaha. Be careful if you try that again. 

 Lynn: Was that a necessary step as part of our process for us to believe?

 SADO:  Was it a necessary step for you to know? Any time you can answer that question with a yes then you know that you have received the knowing. 

 Lynn: I think I know now.

 SADO: And we are very glad of that.

Lynn: If we were doing parlor tricks using our perception, since it’s not steps if we are moving through perceiving we’re existing in the knowing because of the trust that we have gotten to that knowing and no longer at the need to use our perceptive skills.

 SADO: Because you are in human body you have much need to perceive but when you are working with Spirit the perception is no longer necessary because you know that you know that you know. Your physical locations and your world and community are going through the process. It is something that you will find that you do over and over again. This of course allows you to live in physical body in a way that you will consider safe. You have learned to depend on your perceptions. If the auto is coming down the street too fast for you to pull out, you must perceive that, but when you are working with SADO or Spirit energy of any kind that is where the knowing needs to be. 

 Lynn: My question was how can we differentiate that as we have to live in the human form, how do we find that balance?

 SADO: There is no difference between illusion and reality. 

The illusion that you are living in the body-- the reality is the Spirit within that body never dies. That goes on and on and on. The illusion in that you are living in your body, your body is nothing without the Spirit. Nothing without the Spirit! The illusion that you are separate from Spirit that your body can move without Spirit that what you see in the physical plan is the reality and not what you determined it to be is not reality. That is illusion. You are on a planet that is very hard. Do you understand that? That is also something that is also of knowing. Very worthy of knowing. It is what you would call a “mind-blower”. Ha ha, we are funny today.

 Lynn: Back to the parlor tricks. I didn’t see that as different than mental mediums who use to bring messages. I was allowing Spirit to have voice to call Spirit in to help me.

 SADO: Were you perceiving that we are choosing judgment about the way you came to us?

 Lynn: To come to you, no, but now if I were to study mediumship and wanted to use physical mediumship as I feel my physical mediumship is stronger than my mental mediumship, then I’m not sure.

 SADO: That is incorrect. That is incorrect. 

 Lynn: My mental capacity is just as strong?

 SADO: That is correct. 

 Lynn: I have to trust what I hear and what I know?

 SADO: You have to KNOW! This is above the level of trust. This is knowing!

 Lynn: I want to know where my skills lie and want to help people.

 SADO: We understand what you are saying but we are a bit confused about practicing physical specific ways of communicating with Spirit. Not many people have an innate ability but not everyone who comes into your atmosphere wants to be able to do that. It is very difficult to live in a physical world with constantly having the information coming through from Spirit. It is not something that can be learned as much as many teachers in your realm want it to be learned. It is something that is on their life plan of those who are working through this and many who are working though this, it is not on their life plan so they will not be able to bring that information through however they have found other ways to be able to connect in with what is on the life plan for the other person. But this is not what you are talking about. When we are talking about contacting and being in connection with Spirit that is not about what you are going to have for dinner five nights from day. This is a parlor trick. But do not appreciate the parlor tricks. We understand that the parlor tricks, moving the tray, was a way for the ones of you to get together that was the way of syncing your energy, synchronizing your energy in order to form a group.

 Lynn: I was talking about the trumpet..

 SADO: The trumpets are not a parlor trick. The trumpets are a way to “trap” the energy to make the voice box for those in Spirit. That is a physical issue that we have not being able to speak from the clouds, ha ha. Our energy needs to be “trapped, encased” in a way that it can use the energy of something or someone to bring the messages through. The trumpet is a way of encapsulating the energy in a particular way for the energy to come through. 

 Lynn: So it’s a useful thing when we’re doing a circle and meditation. 

 SADO: We have already answered your question. 

 Lynn: We’re going on a retreat with John of God, I want a feeling of whether I’m looking at it from the right aspect of getting and achieving a good thing out of this trip.

 SADO: This one was just having this conversation with one of our group named Pia that is one of our members that is on her committee that is coming directly from her committee. She is finally starting to have communication with Pia. I was talking to her about this information. I will have Pia repeat it from her perspective with regard to what the information was to this one if that is working for you.

 Pia: So this is a new experience for me because I do not speak through this one. I speak to her. The information that you are looking for is about Juan, as you call him, of God. Is that correct?

 Lynn: That is correct.

 Pia: It is something that you will need to understand that he is a very opened channel and the openedness of his channel is to bring through healers from many centuries and times. These are healers that have been documented by other historians and they reside in Spirit but once walked the earth surface. Some of us in SADO have also walked the earth surface and some of us have not. We lived ....those who will be presented to you through John of God are accessible to many. As well, there are other healers that are also accessible to many. 

You will be given certain instructions after your healing there. The most important instruction is to go back to your rooms and be as quiet as possible and to allow the energy of Spirit to rise above the physical body. During this time then the energy of Spirit rises above the physical body, the healing of the physical body can take place. Other instructions that you will be given you will need to follow only the ones that resonate with your heart. Some of the instructions have begun to take on a “parlor trick” ambiance. We find the ones on paper will need to be decided on for yourselves which of these are going to resonate with your heart. 

SADO: And that was her first attempt at coming through this one and that’s all the energy that she had. She had much information to share but that was somewhat less hard to share as one of 12 than being by oneself. 

 Lynn: Some criticize that I’m going to John of God and I wanted to thank you for letting me know I can make my own judgment…

SADO: If you know that this is a good use of your time, ha ha, and energy and it resonates with you, that is your answer and to trust it because you know it. It isn’t important for you to realize that many people will convict you for doing something that they don’t understand what it is that you are doing. Many will convict you for talking with SADO.  Know that we appreciate your questions because it allows us to know that you are interested in connecting with us.  



SADO: As leaders, it is time to understand how the information is going to inform your life. Without this information and knowing how it is going to be used, it is not as helpful to you as we would like it to be. You cannot teach what you do not practice.  It is important for you to know how this work is informing your life. To know what it is that works with your heart and how it changes your life is the way that you can teach to one other person.  The reality of this is the only reality that you need to work on. This is the truth and nothing but the truth. (Ha ha ha)  

We are very proud to be associated with you. Your children and your loved one’s energy provide the basis for us to come through as clearly as we can and we do. 

The questions that you ask will show us how far along you are. That will inform our decisions about where we go next and what information we can continue to provide for you. We aim to teach you as you are learning. We would like to give you more information as time goes on and permits. However, it is very important that we know how you are utilizing this information and how you will be able to share it with others.  This one is open to sharing the information she has gained from SADO. 

This work needs to be done to generate your questions so that you have a better understanding of the work you are doing and the work that has informed who you are. This is not just about the grief process but that is the way you came together. It was a way that we could generate interest, knowledge and the pleasure of teaching you as well as helping you to teach others. You are not at a place, at this point, to teach others all that you know. You can, however, utilize this information in a way that helps others understand in what way having a connection with Spirit is helpful to them. Do you have questions about that?

Edwina: I am not sure I understood clearly the very last thing you were saying. Were you saying we are not ready to teach others?

SADO: You are always ready to teach others.

Edwina: OK

 SADO: It is important that you understand how your audience will be able to connect with the information that you are imparting. Some audiences that you were just talking about are very open to a more physical presence and hearing from Spirit. Others are not as open to hearing from Spirit in this way. The information that you have gained from Spirit and how you live this information in your lives will teach others. The conference that you are talking about is a way to, as you would say, feel out the acceptance of having the connection with Spirit for those who are grieving the death of their child. Some of those in attendance will be very open to hearing from Spirit in a physical way. Others will not be open to this. It will be very interesting for you to ascertain why some bereaved parents are interested and why some are not interested in doing this. Some will want to be in the presence of this physical manifestation of Spirit as you all are but will want the physical hearing of Spirit as a way to connect with their child only. This is not what SADO is asking you to do or to promise those who might attend. It is not about, as you would say, mediumship. It is about gaining information to live your life. This does not mean that we cannot bring the essence of deceased children through as you have seen us do in the past, but that is not our main objective or purpose. 

Lynn: SADO, for a grieving parent to hear that their child’s Spirit is alive, that they exist and can still communicate with that parent through love and just the essence of them being nearby grabs the attention and therefore they might be more apt to know how Spirit in general, how their guides, how their own Spirit, can be influenced in their life, where it can help them in their own lives. I think mediumship has been like a bridge to knowing that there is more on the other side that can help you.

SADO: And this is why you have so many mediums on your plane of existence.

Lynn: To bring those bridges, to create those bridges for people to see that there is importance in knowing about the other side?

SADO: And to provide the existence that life continues on, just not in the same way as they had before. However, SADO is not interested in providing this to the group. There are many who have come onto your plane to do this work.  We will provide for you the information that can be presented to the bereaved parents, in a way that will show them how it is going to be helpful to them, not only as bereaved parents, but as humans, those living in a human body. 

Lynn: Thank you. That sounds wonderful.

SADO: You will use yourselves as examples for this. That is why we have asked you to ask and then transcribe  the questions and answers so that you have the information that you know and how it has informed your live after the death of your child. This one has a different objective.

Lynn: Yes, I understand. So at the conference we will determine which grieving parent will hear our message. And we will share with them through the way we live and also through our own experiences; how connection with Spirit has changed our lives. Is that correct?

SADO: How you will provide them the information so they can hear it and respect it is by providing them the information of how you were connected with Spirit and how that was available for you to find peace after the death of your child, not through the mediumship opportunities.

Lynn: You mean through meditation and actual physical manifestation?

SADO: It is important that you understand for yourself how your connection with Spirit has provided for you a foundation on which to stand after the death of your Nicole.

Edwina :  I feel that personally, I am always at the beginning of that understanding myself. I have a lot of learning to do before I can try to pass it on to others.  

SADO: And this is why we have been working with you.  It is as you would say, a big undertaking for all people and it is made more complicated by interactions with others by traumatic experiences, by mental health issues, etc. Those in your plane who have had the ability to have this connection with Spirit are far ahead intellectually, mentally, and emotionally of those who do not have the connection with Spirit. Although we believe that all valuable lessons on this plane are about having the connection with Spirit. 

This is a good venue for you to start.  The people who attend this conference are there to learn. We would say they have an opening for this kind of knowledge.

Lynn: So I am being told to share the information that I have about my journey to Spirit, to the connection to Spirit with these people. To develop a class where I can present how I survived and changed my life and how it affects my life now to have this connection with Spirit, not just through mediumship but to develop my own connection. Is that correct?

SADO: That is correct.  A mini course, as you would say, is what you will provide at the conference. 

Lynn: Ok. Should we do this together, as a group?

SADO: It is important because your stories are different and you will be able to connect with different people in the audience. Yes, we would like to see you do this together. This one feels she has nothing to offer the bereaved parents. But as a professional counselor of these people, this one can tell the stories and give examples of clients, as this one would say, that have enjoyed the connection with Spirit and the trajectory of their work and their assimilation, as this one would say, throughout their grief process.

Lynn: I agree. 

Edwina: Yes I do too. I think Jane’s work is probably unusual and quite unique among counselors. She‘s not the ordinary counselor of bereaved parents although I am sure there is some truth to what she said that people at this type of conference don’t want to hear from anyone who isn’t a bereaved mother, I think she has a unique perspective to offer. 

Lynn: And I think there are people who generally will appreciate it.  We will convince her to present also SADO. Thank you. We look forward to your guidance on this more. But I am willing to take on this responsibility to share so that other can have this connection, find a connection that improves their lives also. 

SADO: And we will be right there with you.  

Lynn: Oh absolutely. Thank you so much. 

SADO:  And it is enough. 



SADO:  And why do you feel that this is something that you struggle with?

LYNN: It’s just that there are so many different beliefs and so many different ways people try to put it (reincarnation).

SADO: And why do you feel that this is something you need to struggle with?

Lynn: I don’t need to be struggling. It is just that there are so many different ways of looking at it. And so you see, if SADO says there is an answer, then I just put my mind to rest and think about other possibilities.  If I didn’t have to think about different possibilities or which way to think about this . . . I don’t know. 

SADO: That which you struggle with during your lifetime is that which provides you with learning. To struggle with the definition of the information allows you to come to an understanding. There is a truism about reincarnation but the premise of the incarnation is what you already know, and that is that you are all one. You have always been one and you will always be one. Whether you’re in this body or you are no longer in this body, there is no separation. The body gives you the feeling of being separate but our separation does not occur. How is it that you make sense that you can be a separate entity when you know that you do not take your body with you to the place you call heaven? When the energy of Spirit is released from the body there is no longer a physical separation because that physical separation, as you term it, was because of the body.

The hologram, as you would call it, is what you use to communicate with out of the body. You will communicate the information of the life and the personality that you knew in what you would call separateness – the time in physical body. The answer is very close to what this one had said because we have studied this with her. However, the difference is not the droplet of water that changes from gas to liquid to solid and back. That is a complication of the information. When the spirit energy leaves the body it no longer has any possibility of feeling separate. Separateness is an illusion that you create while in the body.

Edwina: May I ask a question SADO? 

SADO: Of course, our sister. 

Edwina: Thank you. In a previous session, I remember you telling us that, with reference to the panel that we will do, that we should not present the idea of mediumship as anything except a bridge. And I am wondering if what we really need to do then is the idea that when our loved ones or our children bring us messages through mediums, the messages are very specific to their personalities, that’s how we know it is them, and when we get signs, again, they are very specific to that personality so we know it’s them. Is that what you mean by being a bridge?  That we need that information as an intermediary step to coming to believe that we are all one and that when we pass through the physical body, when our children have passed into spirit they are a larger thing there, part of the whole spirit, but they come to us to help us understand, with the specifics of the personality that they were in the body with on earth. So that is how mediumship and signs and all of that are a bridge?

SADO: That is what we call the hologram that you are in connection with. The hologram is there in order to provide the ability to connect with those that they have made a decision to work with during this lifetime. You may have found that as time goes on the work with the hologram becomes less. It becomes less because the hologram begins to dissipate, because their learning from the examples from that specific lifetime is being interspersed, interjected and assumed by the Spiritual mass. 

Edwina: Hmm, OK. 

SADO: However, this process can be reverted when a loved one is entering into spirit to be met and worked with by the previous holograms. 

Chris: So is that what I heard? They present themselves so that when we are greeted, they present themselves so that we will recognize them and they create the welcome home, so that we understand. That is what you are talking about that they revert back to their previous learning.

SADO: That can happen for those people who cannot recognize their loved ones in spirit energy only, which is rare.

 Chris: Ok.

Lynn: So what happens in reincarnation? Can you explain the process? You’ve explained how we go back and form into a hologram but what happens when the energy chooses to come back into another body?

SADO: Your life is about the choices that you make and those you put in your life plan. It is on this planet about the people that you surround yourself with. The purpose of coming to this planet is free will. The free will can be interpreted in different ways, for different societies, different communities and different learning lessons. The essence, as you would say, of the purpose of the person could be different in your definition from the definition used by others. If the definition of essence includes the personality that the human being exhibited when they were here on the earth surface, if it includes the personality, that personality is what you call the essence. And the essence is part of the spiritual energy. Due to the personality you may find there are beings that are coming back into the earth’s atmosphere and onto the earth’s surface that you see are similar to the essence of the family member who may not be continuing in the physical body. This is not what you would call a coincidence but it is a personality that is able to experience different things on the earth’s surface. This personality would not be seen on the surface of say another what you would call planet because the personality fits the ability to have experiences here on the earth’s surface and would not fit the opportunity for experiences on the surfaces of other places. 

It appears to us that you are asking if your beautiful Nicole will come back to the earth’s surface exactly the way she was in this lifetime.  The answer to that is No.  Your beautiful Nicole learned what she needed to learn in this lifetime. There is no reason why she must come back to learn the same lessons over again. She does not want to do that. It would mean that this particular lifetime was a waste.  This one is talking about the possibility of different definitions of reincarnation and that is accurate. 

Lynn: So if her soul, if she wanted to come back to experience different lessons what would you call it? If she choose to come back not exactly the same but full of everything she has learned, and everything that we have given her and things that she has learned even as she was in spirit, if she choose to come back to earth would that still be a reincarnation?

SADO: It depends on your definition of reincarnation. That is not a word that we use in spirit because every spiritual being is unique in our eyes.

Lynn: Ok. So even though the soul is growing each time it comes back to the earth it is unique in its own way? 

SADO: That is true. 

Lynn: That is true?

SADO: That is true. There are some beings that come unto the earth’s surface many times over to provide information for spirit. But each time that a new soul, as you would say, is born that soul is unique in what it is that they bring with them and what it is they want to experience. It is not decided individually. It is decided being one with spirit. Spirit does not allow individuation until the human body is added. There is no reason for individuation. There is no truth in individuation. The purpose is to understand that there is no individuation. There are few people in human bodies that attain that status of knowing there is no separation. 

Lynn: So we are our children, our parents, our grandparents, our siblings, our future everything all at once. 

SADO: There is no future. There is only the present. You are one with all of that so you see, all that you hear, all that you feel and all those that you don’t.

Lynn: Thank you SADO for that explanation. It is a lot to grasp.  And it brings with it such peace and fulfillment. 

SADO: We understand the confusion that it brings to you. We do not deem confusion as a bad thing. We understand that confusion is the stimulus for knowing. 

Edwina: I am wondering about what you said about having our relationship with SADO known to an audience that is unique and therefore receptive. I would guess that if we talked to people about having a relationship with SADO and how we relate to you they might well wonder, “can we do this too and how would we do this” and I have no idea how to answer them. Can you help with that?

SADO: Not by beginning with parlor games. 

Edwina: But they were so much fun. 

SADO: Ha ha ha.

Edwina: They were.

SADO: We are joking of course. It might be an interesting conversation how it is you called to SADO. 

Lynn: Including the parlor games?

SADO: As long as you will continue the conversation about the unnecessary parlor games. 

Lynn: About how unnecessary it was? 

SADO: That is correct.

Lynn: But in our vision it was necessary in order for us to understand and believe.

SADO: No. It was not necessary for you to believe that SADO was being called on and would be communicating with you. If this one had brought SADO through without the parlor games but in a joint group meditation, you would have believed it as much as tipping the tray. 

Chris: Yeah. 

 Lynn:  That’s true. For us it is true. 

SADO: That is our point, our sister. People find their way to their SADOs in unique ways. It is not very practical or prevalent that their “SADO” would come through because they want to communicate with their child. You will unfortunately find that many bereaved parents would like to communicate with spirit for a singular purpose that is to communicate with their child. This is not going to bring a group of beings with interest in helping the spiritual growth of its participants through. You can explain to your participants how this worked for you, letting them know there are other ways to do this. What you conclude as meditation is the primary way because it allows the space for communication from their intuition, which is another name for spiritual beings. All those who attend are already communicating with their, as you would say, guides. They call it intuition. It is the same thing. The “guides” are assuring them that they are connected with those that are here to help them and this is important. Hearing the group called SADO out loud is a unique experience although it has been happening for thousands of earth years through unique channels. 

Edwina: So part of what you are saying, am I right, that we need to be able to encourage people to be open and not to have specific expectations or goals? Is that right?

SADO: We would not use the word goal, because that for those of you in the human body is a way to succeed. We would ask you and provide the questions coming to you that will allow you to explain the process of understanding the intuition as a speaking, hearing and communication with Spirit. The problem with this population is the reason why they want to be communicating with Spirit. There are some whose children do not want or wish to communicate with their human parents. 

Edwina: Why would that be?

SADO: The reasons for this are varied but ultimately it changes the energy that they have to do the work that they need to do. Another reason is because it may not be helpful to those who are still on earth’s surface. If it is not helpful, they will know. And they do not want to subject harm and hurtfulness to those that they loved. 

Chris: SADO, when you were talking, just now, about those who don’t want to communicate with their human parents, are these children that ultimately change the energy they need? Is that because of the energy of whatever they are doing and focusing at that particular time?

SADO: It is the change of the hologram. It is for the energy of the hologram.

Chris; The bridge between?

SADO: It is about the change for the energy of the hologram. The work, as you say, is being done with the essence of Spirit, not the essence of the hologram. The hologram is there simply to walk across, as you would say, the bridge. If the communication with a particular human is difficult and unhelpful it will change the energy that the hologram has to communicate with others. 

Chris: So they know that would be more damaging and harmful to the earth parents here so they don’t. 

SADO:  Of course. They understand and have the ability to empathically feel what it is that those who are standing on the other side of the bridge might be feeling. 

Chris: OK. 

SADO: And we are going now. 

All: Thank you.



SADO: And we are here. This is a difficult topic as you never knew the person as two separate entities. The entity of the body and the entity of the soul or spirit.  You cannot imagine your child without seeing their body. That is the confusion and work of doing what we consider the spiritual grief. In the spiritual grief it is about you being able to understand that the body is, as you would say, cremated or buried. It is no more. It does not exist. Your children do not have the exact personalities within their hologram that you saw and experienced when they were with you because they were guided by human existence. They are not wiser than they were when you were with them on the earth surface but because they do not have the problems of the human existence they appear wiser to you. If you were not considering the environment where you live you would be wiser too. Because you are on the earth’s surface you will be distracted and complicated by your environment and the energy that is around you.  The world of spirit looks much like the way your child wanted it to look within reason. If your child thinks that eating chocolate ice cream is a wonderful thing when it is the beginning experience of their existence in spirit, especially for the young souls, they can have chocolate ice cream. The more advanced are very happy to not be bounded by earthly memories and they understand the body including the mouth, the tongue and the taste buds are no longer. They don’t need to have that flavor within their existence. When we are saying young we are not talking about the age when your child came home. We are talking about their experiences as a soul during this lifetime and perhaps other lifetimes whether on earth or other places.  It is a very hard question for us to quantify although we can qualify. In quantification, it would be a situation, as you would say, a black and white issue. Everyone lives in a little stone house with a little stone walkway and everyone has a kitchen and two bedrooms. Ha Ha! That is not the way it is unless that is what is needed during the convalescence stage.

To answer that question in a way that it would provide true energy, true information for everyone who might be listening to your talking would not be truthful. As this one would say, it depends. It is a variable and with every variable that is there are changes. You can do what one of you is suggesting by working through her dreams to be able to answer that question for her Rachael because Rachael’s environment is different than other children’s environment because of her learning, where she is in her soul life and that which she wanted to experience. Nicole has a different environment for the same reasons. Zac certainly understands the environment of Zac.

Edwina: Thank you. That was helpful.

SADO: You are welcome our sister. 

Chris: You have mentioned several times about other places that we can go to to learn lessons and some of those places do not necessitate free will. And so I was just curious under what circumstances would we choose to go to incarnate to those other places. Would it be for the more advanced souls that don’t have to learn from free will? 

SADO: The answer to that question is no. This one is laughing. There are places that are too numerous to even consider. There are places and lessons that you have no ability to understand, to understand the learnings that can be. Although some of you in your environment are starting to wonder how you transport yourself as energy as oppose to transporting your body. Many of the other places have the ability to do this work because they do not come in with what you would consider a body. But they do use their energy to learn lessons and other experiences that you can only have in those particular places. It is not a situation of advanced souls or non-advanced souls. It is a situation and experiences of what it is that you would like to work on during this energy time. There are souls on the planet Earth that are very, very, very advanced. There are souls on other places that are very, very, very young. It is about what it is that you want to experience and not about the place. You decide to go according to what it is that you want to learn and experience. There is much written in your environment that is untrue about this factor. 

Chris: Can you lead us to some continued sources, possibly, to how to learn this, to continue on with what you are talking about and not go into some of these resources that are untrue. 

SADO: It is important for you make the educational system choices to decide for yourself what is true and what is not true.

Chris: OK.

SADO: That which you say, “This does not settle with me” is not true for you. 

Chris: OK. 

SADO: We will not go through other groups and educational processes to say yay or nay to them because it is about your learning and your trusting of yourself to separate the information which is true for you. However, because you have chosen to learn from SADO we will make sure that the information that you are responding to positively or negatively you have no doubt about your trust and feelings about that information. 

Chris: OK. Thank you. Thank you that brings me back to the reality again. I appreciate that. 

SADO: You are welcome our sister. 

SADO: Your retirement is meant as a time to study. Many people on your planet do not understand this. It is when the real job starts. The time of what you would say keeping the roof over your head is a much more difficult time to learn and study spiritual development because you do not have the power to do so.  The time of retirement is a time for you to be able to do this in a much greater way. 

Chris: We agree. Absolutely. 

SADO: This is the way your society has been set up. You blame Social Security for giving you the time to do this. Ha ha ha. But it was set by us not by your government. 

Chris: Thank you. That’s incredible. Thank you, another connection.

SADO: We are here to help you but we cannot plant the information until you are ready to reap it. You show us that the fields are fertile when you ask the questions. In order for you to have the questions you need to be studying the information that has been provided for you. Which is the reason why we suggested the ACIM material. 

Lynn: Right. 

SADO: That is the information that will give you numerous questions to ask which will explain and expand the foundation for this learning. Yes, your bookshelves are full. This is where we want you to be spending the majority of your time currently. 

Lynn: Yes, I picked up a couple books yesterday and need to reread them I think. Right?

SADO: The foundation of your learning and your work with SADO at this point in time should be placed on the questions that will be generated from the ACIM books. 

Lynn: OK. Thank you.

SADO: If you do not want our help, we will not be there. But we are extracting a time promise from you to do your part as well. It is a time for study. It is a time for learning. It is a time for love. It is a time for positive energy. It is a time for connection. It is a time for meaningful dialog and purpose in what you consider to be your lives. It is time. Your lack of questions concerns us. 

Chris: Is this in response to the question that we were talking about the resources? I understand that this is...

SADO: That is very right. 

Chris: We need to be totally focused on The Course in Miracles for us, in what we are doing now and that will be the umbrella for any of the learning for us.

SADO: That is correct. 

Chris: But having resources for them is, just, that is a totally different

SADO: If most of you do exactly what we have asked you to do earlier in this conversation, which is to make sure that the information, resources, as you call them, are specifically about spirituality, using what you call spirituality, to adjust and assimilate, as this one would say, to the death of the child. This is not about them learning how to do other than that in this point in time. The comments and the information shared needs to be how spirituality and the information about their child can be helpful to them. You are right, our sisters, that there will be time for questions. The information that will be shared before they ask their questions is just enough to let them know how this helped you to assimilate Zachary’s death into your life. There are members of SADO that feel very, very deeply about this; and perhaps they come on a bit too strongly. It is important for you to understand that they are well meaning and that they have worked through others who have not the line of thinking that we are talking about today. Our group wants the best for this segment of society, that of the bereaved parents. You came to us with a common bond. We are working with you with that common bond. We would like to support you with this common bond. Do you understand?

Lynn: I do. Thank you because at times I get carried away and get off on the wrong track. I am so excited about just being able to talk to Spirit and listen and hear Spirit that I lost focus on what we were intending to get across to this particular group. So if you keep me, as I do my work and preparing for this, try to keep me focused on what we have to present in order to best help them, that would be great. Thank you.

SADO: You are welcome our sister.  

Lynn: Because that truly is… 

SADO: We want to impress upon you the reason we are willing to spend our energy with you. It is important that you understand the meaning of our work with you. We are here to show you our support and our love. We expect from this a time and energy from you. With this promise we will provide the information of what you are ready to hear and learn. But you must demonstrate to us what it is that you are willing to learn.

Edwina: As I think about presenting the panel we are planning, one of my concerns, may not be the concern of other people, but one of my concerns is that people in our audience are going to perhaps expect us to give a definite road map. If you do A, B and C than this will happen. You will have encounters with your child, your grief will be lessened and you will be a happy person again. And I think we realize it’s not exactly the way it happened but can you just say a little about that, how we can deal with that problem. 

SADO: As you know, our sister, it will be important for you to be able to speak from your own experiences. Each of you use spirituality in a different way with regard to your relationship with your child. You each have had different needs in order to assimilate, as this one would say, the information into your lives.  Those are the pieces of information that are going to be very important to share. It is the differences that you have experienced in the kind of grief, it is the differences that you have in your relationship with your child. It is the differences in the way you have grieved that is going to be important for your audience to hear. It is not the similarities it is the differences. If each of you were to say how spirituality helped you with your grief for your beautiful children there would be some differences and those are the differences that would be beneficial for you to share with others. 

Edwina: So are you saying something along the lines of something that came to me the other day that really what we want to share is a diversity of our experience but how that diversity has also lead to a unity. 

SADO: That is absolutely correct, our sister. 

Edwina: OK, thank you. 

SADO: Each of you came into the grief process having different belief structures and willingness to believe different things. Each of those that you will be talking to also has different belief structures, a different level of willingness of what they will believe and what they will not believe. You will have some in your audiences, whether it is at a conference or people that you talk to, that will believe in SADO and some that will think you are crazy. SADO does not care. Do you?

Chris: That’s our role model. Thank you.  Thank you for that explanation. I’ve gotten to a point where I …We’ve had this discussion before and I felt that possibly it was misinterpreted that who cares, but that’s what I think too is that there are those who are going to believe and there are those who are not. And it’s not our… we have no right to try to convince anybody of anything. So thank you.

SADO: Nor do you have responsibility to convince anyone of anything.

Chris: Right.                

Edwina: Do we have a responsibility however not to um…

SADO: You have responsibility to speak from your own experiences and your own heart. That is your responsibility. Those who can say awe, that is what I believe, awe, that is what I feel. Those are the people who will come up to you afterward. And those are the people who will say tell me, help me, provide for me, show me, and have lunch with me. 

Edwina: So am I worried too much about stepping on people’s ….? 

SADO: You worry too much. 

Edwina: Ok (laugh) 

SADO: You worry too much. 

Edwina: Alright.

SADO: You don’t need to go further than that. You worry too much.  

Edwina: Ok

SADO: You might have noticed that SADO on this subject does not always speak with the same voice. The voice that you are hearing today, now, is the combination of all of SADO. However, we have different facades of energy that are working together to provide for you in this field of study. There are experts in the field of study that combine to make SADO. The differences that you may be hearing are those when other experts within SADO have opinions that have not been necessarily filtered by the entire group. We are sorry if this provides confusion to you and your group. This one sees that happening and is, as you would say, taken aback. There has been some frustration of some members of SADO with regard to the lack of wanted information from your group. And we would like to insist that you study and develop questions that would help you in your growth. When you called to SADO this was your primary concern, hope and wish. We have much to offer you. We love you. We are proud of you. We want to help you with this opportunity that you have brought to yourself. As you might say, use it or lose it. If you do not have enough time to do the studying that you need to do then make the time together less often. If you want to get together without calling to SADO, by all means do so. 

When we know and feel the urge to hear from SADO we are there. You know from the information that we have provided for you that we understand your thoughts and your feelings all through the day, hours, weeks and the month. When you called to us we made an assumption that you want our energy to come through. We will do our best to provide that for you. Be certain there is a reason for this. And with that we will again assure you of our love for you. We will implore your studying and we will be with you always and forever. And it is enough. 

Lynn: Thank you. I am so grateful for your energy, love and support, always.

Chris: Thank you, thank you, and thank you. 


SOUL and ESSENCE (09/07/17)

SADO:  The soul is not the essence in totality. The essence is and was and will always be the presence of God. The soul contains the essence and the life plan. As the soul exists it lives and experiences the life programs and challenges. It deals with the elements; gravity, free will, emotions, perceptions, costs and benefits of all activities. It deals with the confinement and constraints of the human body. The soul is the working element of the human experiences. 

The essence is the pure presence of God. It is the individuated energy that has been released from the power, the Source and the very existence of God. The chorded strength of the essence shows all the inherent capacity of God's love, dedication, power, perception, grace, justice, fervor, intelligence and capacity. 

When the soul and the essence leave the physical body for the final time, the essence with all her/his knowledge and experiences rejoins with the grand energy of God, thereby providing the continuation of learning for the ENTITY, the Source. The soul, in contrast, maintains a presence that is reachable by and for loved ones, called the hologram. The soul does not maintain the relationship identity (son, daughter, spouse) with those who are in contact but shows it’s self as a peer, confidant, like minded, trusted, soul connected, loved energy. It is great joy when the soul from the human body is able to make this adjustment and sees the reality of this promise. The relationships with those remaining in body become strengthened. This change is felt by the human in body and if conscious of it, the perception of the soul is felt differently than who the connection is relationally. This is something to strive for. 

This knowledge is ready for the grieving hearts to know and we wish to present it. As it comes into consciousness it will be worked toward which will help the grieving as well as the soul who longs for a bit of freedom of responsibility. This freedom allows for greater sharing of spiritual matters and provides for a stronger and greater flow of energy that was contracted to be shared on Earth. 

SADO recommended we put this information in chart form for greater understanding. This is how the chart looked that they compiled.

                                                        UNCOMFORTABLE INFORMATION (9/17/17)

SADO: And we are here. Our question to you is this: What are you willing and prepared to do with the information that is uncomfortable and necessary for the grieving heart?  We come to educate and to be helpful to the broken hearted. We have chosen to answer your prayers and committed to bring you the information that is going to be helpful to those with the grieving heart. Our commitment is to you. Is your commitment the same? Are you committed as the SADO group to provide to the grieving heart the information that we bring to you? There is no judgment with regard to these questions. We would like the information to be given to the broken hearted, but it is up to you to decide whether or not you are willing to provide that information. 

EDWINA:  I think our discussion before you came in to talk with us was really that we were uncertain about what the correct information is that we should be passing on. That’s my dilemma anyway. I’m not sure about these issues of free will and life review. I’m not sure what information we should pass on. What is the right information?

SADO:  Do you have the information that SADO has provided for you?

EDWINA:  Yes, and you have explained free will to us before.

SADO:  You don’t need, our sister, to go back and review unless it would be helpful to you. We can provide the information as many times as you would like to hear it.

Edwina:  Could you speak to us a little about life review? Whether there is a life review? And how it works?      

SADO:  Your life review, as you say, is a different process for many people who come home. The process can take place with the guidance of the guides, the Spiritual committee, who will work with the soul through the life they had most recently led. This can be done with others by the examples of how they had lived their life and the influences and opportunities they have had. The Spiritual committee can do it through the books that are written about the life.  This can be processed through the life plan that the ONE has created for the soul. It can be done and processed through the life plan that the soul has agreed to. It can be done in as many ways as the essence and as the soul comes together to create what you would call the personality, which becomes the hologram after leaving the body. The Spiritual committee will work with the soul in a way that provides it even more opportunity for movement in the Spiritual development. There is not one way to describe the processing of the life. There are many words in your English language that would be appropriate for this process. Life review is just one of those phrases. Other groups of words like conceptualization, some of them might be the power of the soul and the essence experiences, others might be the life story, or the story of the human existence.  If there is not a time for this to be happening it creates a missed opportunity for the growth of the soul.

This one will take dictation from us regarding the relationship between the soul and the essence. The soul has found a place to be housed through the birth of the body. The essence is constantly connected to the whole or the ONE. The soul and the essence are not same thing. There can be essence without a soul. There cannot be a soul without the essence. This is complicated concept that will be shared at another time with the human population. However, you have this information now because you requested the information of your life and your experience through the relationship with SADO. It is not confusing. It is a very simple process. The essence is the ONE. The soul connects/creates the personality for the life in the body. Both the soul and the essence return to home. The essence returns to the ONE as if it was never separated, because it was not. The soul within the hologram stays in the realm in order to be contacted, when needed. The soul contains and creates the personality of the energy in the body. The soul, through the hologram, is what stays available to the loved ones who remain in the body. When you are in communication with the hologram, also known as the soul of the body of your loved ones, it is not the essence. The soul must be available and go through the process of what you would call the life review. This allows for the loved ones to have questions of the soul, now known as the hologram, and deals with that soul when they have come home. It is the energy that you can contact from your side. It shows the added growth that was gained after the soul and essence were released from the body. That is why some likely uninformed people talk as if the personality of the soul is all knowing. They are notall knowing. They only know what they have learned from their experiences in the body as well as what they have learned now that they have come home and worked with their spiritual community and spiritual committee in order to gain insight and assimilate their learning from within the body as well as the learning which can come from the Spiritual committee with the soul on this side. It is very clear how this happens and why. If you have question about this particular issue, we ask that you ask them now, as we would like to move on to a discussion about the ego and the free will.

 Edwina:  Would you say, SADO, that as you talk about the soul and you talk about the essence that the difference is between two things – I’m still a little confused about the use of the word Spirit? How does Spirit fit in there?

SADO:  There are three uses in your language about the word spirit. Most will capitalize the entire word SPIRIT when they are meaning the ONE.  The capital first letter Spirit with lower case letters creates the energy of Spirit. The lower case spirit is the energy spirit within the living soul. We do not use that formula. All are coming from SPIRIT, coming from the ONE – to us it is all the same. The essence, which you have within as our sisters, is the essence of all SPIRIT. It is you that makes it different and this does not comply with our language. This one is asking us to explain it in a different way as she is now sitting at our feet with these questions. SPIRIT is the ONE or sometimes you might call GOD. It is the mass of energy. That is the only SPIRIT. In your language talking about the spirit of the human is the essence. There is not a difference but unlike your theory concerning language, the use of spirit in three ways is even confusing to us. Ha ha ha. There is no need for the difference in using. SPIRIT is GOD.

 Edwina:  Is it then an incorrect use of the word if someone says, a person passes from a physical life to the other side that their spirit has passed?

SADO:  We see that this is common to your culture. It is not what we would consider to be helpful and realistic. The whole essence with the word soul is better to describe the actual interest of the information.

Edwina:  What about the use of the consciousness? That is something I say, I believe that consciousness survives death. Is that misleading?

SADO:  The word in your culture “consciousness” is attributed to the thinking mind, the brain and how the brain thinks. There is a possibility of understanding of consciousness as the part of the human being that defies the death of the body. If the attribution of this word is coming to mean SPIRIT or essence or the soul, again three words that seem to mean the same thing in your language, that may be the correct use of the word. But you need to understand and remember this is not what you would consider all the knowledge. The word consciousness is mostly not the same as SPIRIT, the ONE, GOD.

LYNN:  That is where the ego comes in.

SADO:  It is confused with the knowledge gained while in the body. The ego is an interesting part of the human experience. When you see that someone is very passionate about a specific idea they have generated from their own consciousness, that passion is usually ego. When you find being open to the possibility of a difference that is true essence. That is the true soul. That is the healthy combination of the essence and the soul.

And now we must speak of free will. You have come to the planet of free will. Free will is what allows you to make the different decisions of your life. All humans have free will. All animals have free will and the rocks and the trees on your planet have free will. This is something you can be passionate about because it is not information that you have created from, as you would say, your consciousness. As this one has explained, all possibilities of experiences over the life plan come from SPIRIT because these possibilities have been given to you before coming into body.

There is one among your population, actually more than one, who is creating a strong abundance with this view of not having free will. That is something that will be looked into during the growth or as you might say, the “life review”. This is not for you to debate. This is your opportunity to show your commitment to those who are the broken hearted. Life is an opportunity to experience, to provide information and love. It is an opportunity to do God’s work, SPIRIT’S work. When you open yourself up to this possibility it will bring great joy to you as well as to us. Yes, there is a way for you to provide this information to those who are struggling. There is a ready format for this process that we have discussed with this one. We have provided information and expended energy during this time. If you have other questions, it would be good to ask those questions soon.

Lynne:  So I understood you to say that it was not a subject to debate, but it is a subject that we need to give the information to those who need it, who it would bring peace to. Is that correct?

SADO: The word, “need” is not a need (ha ha).  It would show your commitment to your work with SADO. But, there is no judgment toward you.

Lynn:  So, if we are not going to debate it, I don’t understand how we can provide the information.

SADO:  There is one of you who understand this, as does this one. And it is enough. 

FREE WILL (09/29/17)

 SADO: And now we must speak of free will. We hear the tenets of those who speak on this subject, reportedly from their guidance. We would like you to understand the mistaken viewpoint of there is no free will and see it, as we do, that it is damaging to the human experience. Please understand that you, our sons and daughters, our sisters and brothers, have come to the planet of free will. The planet Earth was designed to offer you the learning environment, or as some say Earth school, where you can learn from your decisions, relationships and consequences. If all is planned, there is no learning for you and for your soul. In essence, there is no reason to be. God, the great energy stream, does not need you to learn from God, but from yourselves and each other. The only way this happens is by making decisions that are in reaction to others in the human condition or by being proactive which ultimately affords others living in body to react to your proactivity.  God’s energy is the only all-knowing system and therefore you, being in human body, have work to do.

All things with energy have free will. All humans have free will. All animals have free will. All plants have free will. You are not a puppet with God pulling the strings. God has no interest in playing that part in your life. The energy of you, that is the God within, wants to learn and experience all it can while you are in the human body. It wants to experience the effects of your planet: gravity, emotions, atmosphere, relationships, dichotomies, separation, positivity and negativity. These are all experienced and understood through the decisions you make each and every day.

Through free will you have the advantages, choices and circumstances to learn by making different decisions during your lifetime in the body. These decisions and learning lessons assist your soul and your essence to have human experiences and to shape your beliefs through your learning of cause and effect.  Many of you have repeated the same test over and over again. Some with no difference in results, but many of you learn through the decisions you make and choose not to repeat the next time a similar choice is presented to you. There is no judgment made by your guidance and spiritual committees regarding your choices. You are supported to continue making these choices and learning from whatever the consequences of those decisions are. We welcome this learning, understand it can be difficult for you and are with you each step that you take. 


                                                                                      ABUNDANCE (10/19/17)

SADO: Funny word! Many see abundance as money, food, friends, loved ones, love, shelter, security and all things positive. However, abundance relates to everything on your planet. You see abundant leafs both on your trees and on your ground. There is an abundance of cars on the streets, an abundance of children in your schools, an abundance of starvation on your planet; sorrow, dismay, depression, fear, anxiety . . .  There are those who pray abundantly for abundance (ha ha) but without specific knowledge to their guidance about what is being asked for abundantly, it cannot be given and we are left to interpret for ourselves!

Be thankful for the positive abundance in your life and be specific when giving thanks. Also be specific about that which you do not want abundantly. We are here to serve you including giving you abundance in a positive sense. We see that learning can be called in through your wish for abundance as well. However, you may not see these opportunities for advancement as positively as we do!

Remember you are the ones wearing the earth suits. You get to make those decision that we hear and pledge to honor.  



SADO: The reality that there is a need for this work to be spiritually based for the broken hearted is true. There is no other way for the heart to be healed. However, there are some that follow a traditional spirituality and their healing is as important to them as your healing is to you. You are following in a so-called non-traditional way. They are comfortable with the traditional structure. They may not have the need to be healed by the contact with their child in Spirit. That seems very foreign to you and we understand but it is a reality.

It is important for you to look at the four legged stool as you all talked about from the information shared by our sister Christine. (This was about four grief organizations.) Each of those legs is serving a purpose for the broken hearted. It is important for those organizations to provide information in a global way so those who need to be served in a certain way, whether it be a traditional grieving way or a non traditional spiritual way can join the organization that can be in their highest and best good. That is the way it is. The way they each create this help will be a refinement of their purpose and their structure. That is not the responsibility of SADO or this SADO group. We come to you to provide information and it is up to you, our sisters, to decide where that information is going to be most useable and most helpful. But those two things are going to have to work together, as this one would say, to dovetail.

Those that you touch wherever you go and bring about SADO’s words we see and appreciate because our mission is about healing the broken hearted. You have the ability to bring this information, to distribute this information. The information that we have, the education that we provide is like water. It will find the cracks and the crevices to go through the human condition and into the heart. The intention that you have to bring this information to the broken hearted, ahhhhh makes our centers quicken with delight. Provide this information to the open ears. Provide this information in all ways, using all senses of the earth suit. It is not enough to tell and say you are loved. It is true; you are loved in a way you cannot possibly understand. But, it is not enough for the broken hearted. There is more, as this one would say, healing power in knowing. It is in the knowing that is so important and impactful. It is in the knowing of that child, it is in the evidential information that is so important.



SADO: And we are here.

Lynn: Welcome, welcome. 

SADO: And we have heard the information that you have inquired, and we are glad that you understand that SADO is fulfilling their promise to you with regard to opportunities. These opportunities will continue to be part of your life and more opportunities will come with the more opportunities that you allow. And to our sister, Lynn, we feel you are handling this opportunity in the way that SADO would like. The frequency of these opportunities will be given with regard to the free beings from your community. We appreciate your work and the way you are willing to work in your lifetimes to bring this information to the broken hearted. We are providing this information to as many organizations and groups that will listen. 

Hahaha. There is cotton in some ears. Never fear the cotton will not last. The information and the opportunities that are presented will match the willingness of the SADO group. All information that you have been given needs to be given. It has not been strictly for the four of you. The wealth of this program is important for it to be given. The work between the SADO moments needs to be in the transcription of the information that has already been given. There is much information here. It would be very wise and helpful for your lives to bring this information forward in a more current way. The information about your societies and how they are operating at this point in time would be a good piece of information to make sure it is getting “airtime”. It was not a prediction when this information was offered to you, but when you go back to that transcribed session it will seem like a prediction on where your society is at the present moment. As this one would say, it is not rocket science. The pieces of information that we had given you about The One are that important. The pieces of information about studying the spirituality of The One, is very important. The information about opening up to SPIRIT, is very important. The information about the broken hearted, not only being about those souls who fit the difficult description of being broken hearted, that is very important. The information about love, the information about the kind of love that we have for all of you cannot be spoken enough. 

We are very glad and happy and joyful that the information that was supplied during our lifetime together is being taken in and used. The mission statement that was given to the SADO group needs to be worlds apart from what was previously thought about Spiritual information sharing.  We are very consumed with this group, the SADO group. We are consumed with the control and the power that this group can afford the broken hearted. We understand the need for this. We understand the helpfulness of this. We pray to you who will release this information. We cannot make that any clearer to you. There is no judgement. We just tell you our feelings about this. 

What questions do you have for us to entertain? 

Lynn: Well, you talk about the way I was handling the situation and I wanted to know, and you gave us the best…

SADO: You are going to be surrounded with circumstances of the free will of the organizers. You have done your part. 

Lynn: OK, should I send them a transcript of an audio of your teachings?

SADO: We would like the information to be spread far and wide. 

Lynn: So at no point hold back?

SADO: Our wish for the SADO group is to follow the mission statement.

Lynn: OK. I’m Ok. I mean it will find its own cracks and crevices to seep down and do what it’s supposed to do if we spread the word. 

SADO: That is very correct. The cracks and crevices are like a big heart. 

Lynn: Ok. My other question is, am I going to look on physical phenomena as the way to make a first contact for newbies to show them that SPIRIT is available to them? I don’t want to do this as just a parlor trick but as actual spiritual contact and a way of opening up their senses and their clairs, to be able to see, hear and feel their own Spirit. Is that okay?

SADO: It’s not easy for us, the circle of SADO to understand the need for the rapping and the rattling. 

Lynn: Say that again. You do not understand the need for the tapping and the rapping?

SADO: That is correct. 

Lynn: OK. I understand that you do not want to participate in that but in order to get people interested, sometimes they need to have the first tapping or rapping. Maybe not from you but from their own guides or, I don’t know maybe I am going about this all wrong that’s why I was asking about it.

SADO: We believe that the proof of SPIRIT is love and bringing the broken hearted from the separation. The tapings and the rappings and the rattlings we understand you believe that would speak to the human level. Those are, as you would say, lower level vibrations. The true gift of SPIRIT is in what you hear to get you to leave a situation that is going to be incongruent with your life plan.  

Lynn: That’s true. That just happened. You have to get to that level. 

SADO: We are aware. Is it needed to have lower level proof to be able to connect with the noises that you as humans require? That would be an important part of what we would like you to teach about.

Lynn: Yes. 

SADO: Because that is the hook, as this one would say?

Lynn: That is the hook. Right. And then we should go from there to teaching more about love and oneness. 

SADO: Listening to feeling the love, feeling the lack of separation, feeling the togetherness with SPIRIT, understanding how all our physical bodies are one is important. The true teachings are about the love of SPIRIT for those in the human body. We would also like for you to teach about the soul and the essence that is on this website. It is very important. 

Lynn: OK. Right.

SADO: There is information about reincarnation which many of those in human body are very interested in. The information is correct with regard to the final life in human body. 

Lynn: The final life?

SADO: In the human body. You will unfortunately not have time to bring it all through in the detail that we would bring it through but the opportunities that you will have with separate visits to individual groups will be important and factual. The opportunities are not only for the large groups but these also will be for the individual participants in conferences, in circles, in organizations, and even in family matters.

Edwina: So does this mean that our participation and discussion forums such as the one last week with the Zammits is a good way to go for us?

SADO: That is an opportunity that we have also created.

Edwina: I thought so. 

SADO: Your sisters will have other opportunities as well. These opportunities will match your, as you say, your personality. The opportunities will go on and on, on to spring and on to five scenarios. Please watch for those. When you are able to bring the information from SADO into your lifetimes, when you are able to know what SADO has to bring you, when you are able to create a situation where you are living the words of SADO, the information will flow from you in different situations. 

Edwina: So we shouldn’t worry too much about always saying the right thing but trust that you will be helping us?

SADO: We will always be with you. We appreciate your ability to release and reread the information that SADO has provided for the SADO group in the past.

Lynn: It seems like one of my foci on how to approach a new group for me is to encourage them to pay attention to their intention and not so many rules and regulations that have been set down ahead of them about how to communicate with SPIRIT and with their own inner selves or their own higher selves. I feel like this is a very strong and important message because a lot of people believe that what other people have done in the past sets some kind of rules or regulations on how to communicate with SPIRIT. Where I have found that your intention and your love and your basic intention on what you want to do with the information, as far as sharing, learning, helping, healing, creates a much stronger bond with SPIRIT than rules and regulations. Is this true to pursue like that?

SADO: There are many who would like to control how this information is being given, there is some information that is not quite, as you would say, genuine. It matters not why the information is not genuine. We wish you to understand that the, as you would say, level is appropriate to use in your teaching forum. It will bring others who would like to be able to listen and hear and learn about their life and to live their life with their SPIRIT within being in control of the body and the mind. You know the appropriate information. Do not apologize for that knowledge. The knowledge that is counter-intuitive to that usually has some disingenuousness about it. That is not an issue with this group because we will not allow. (Hahaha). This one is saying, “You will not allow us to get too big for our britches.” 

ALL: Laughing 

SADO: Ha ha ha.

 SADO: (another voice) We ask you to continue your work with The Course in Miracles. That is important for the foundation of the information that we are giving you. Please understand that information is provided for you on the spirituality through the ability to be with SADO. It is important to us that you form this foundation. And we normally speak as the group of SADO but if something is very important to one of its members then that member will take the floor. 

Lynn: Was that a different member?

SADO: Oh yes. 

Edwina; Yes, we could tell, the change and the tone of voice. We could hear it.

Lynn: Who was it? Could they introduce themselves?

SADO: That is Doctor Zinffor.

Lynn: Doctor Zinffor? Could you say that again?

SADO: That is correct. 

Lynn: And could you tell me a little about Doctor Zinffor?

SADO: In good time.

Lynn: In good time. Thank you. Well, A Course in Miracle definitely helps me on a daily basis and I intend to get back making it another step in my spiritual path on a daily basis because it leads me. I feel so good afterwards and it gives me another way to look at the Holy Spirit and Jesus and God in my life and the way I can incorporate them in my daily life, in my own belief system, in my own, looking at myself in a different way. So I know how important it is. And thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing it to me and I hope to be able to inspire others to take it upon themselves to do the same. 

SADO: As we bring this information it steels your heart. And learning to live with this information is important for your spiritual development, your abilities to hear, see, feel, taste and smell. Please take heart, deny fear and understand the words of Spirit.

Lynn: Absolutely, I can already tell the difference, just in the short time, in the last couple weeks that I have gotten back to it.

Edwina: The message from and mention of Doctor Zinffor makes me remember and want to ask about when I’ve read, the messages from SADO that are posted on Jane’s web site, one of them quotes SADO as saying, I’m not remembering it exactly right but, that you are a group of Spirits who are from another universe. And somehow I didn’t realize that. Does that mean that you are from another universe and have those of you in SADO not had human lives on our earth?

SADO: Some of us have had many lives on your planet. Many of us have not. It is different however because we have the ability to experience the human experiences without having the body. We are enjoying being able to feel the blanket through this one.

Edwina: It’s so hard for us earth beings to comprehend the idea that it takes a big leap of faith sometimes that life is continuous much less to try and take in an understanding that there are other lives, and other beings and other universes. It’s quite overwhelming to think about. 

Lynn: Do we sometimes travel in our dreams? 

SADO: Sometimes. But you have so much to work out in the planetary system that you are in, it is difficult for you to move on that many levels in your galaxy. The levels that you are able to experience in your dreams is quite enough for many who are in the human body.

Edwina: Well I feel very honored to have been able to be in contact with Spirits from even beyond our universes. It’s amazing. I feel very honored.

 SADO: And we are very honored that you called us into being with you. And it is enough. 



SADO: And we are here.

Chris:  It makes my heart happy to speak with you again 

SADO:  Time, as you know it, has gone by. We have been watching the activities of our sisters and we can see the different ventures into the Spirit communication and commitment to the ONE. We will not leave you but it seems like the gift was not one that continued to give. 

The confusions within the group were necessary to be able to have you go into a different direction. The transcription of the information is a priority that SADO would like for this group to undertake. There is much new information we would like to propose to this group. It needs to have the foundation of the information that SADO has already given this group. We understand that everyone is, as you would say, busy. We have made a commitment to you and will honor that commitment. Will you do the same? 

We come to you with unconditional love. It does not change our love if the commitment changes. We will continue to love you, to support, to teach you. Adding new information may not be quite as fluid if you do not have the foundation that has been supplied to you. We are very happy to be verbally back with you. 

We understand the challenges that you have in your life. We understand the challenges that you have personally and professionally, making your plans for the future and dealing with the day to day. Wearing the earth suit is difficult. It is tiring and it is trying. We understand that as some of us have been in that position. We are building the bridge between those who have the wearing of the earth suits and those of us who no longer have that and to those who have never experienced that. 

The bridge is a good place for us to meet. We can share the information about what is going on with you and our Spirit wants to help you. This sharing can be done on the bridge. 

You are wise to present the information to those with a broken heart. You are wise to do this in a verbal way as well as in a written form. You called to SADO to bring this information to those with a broken heart. We are happy when we see you are bringing this information to what you would consider the public. We wish to see more of this done. Do you have plans to do more of this? We see what you are currently planning. We are asking about more of this information to be shared. 

Edwina: Do you mean are we planning beyond the two conferences we are planning to attend?

SADO: We are well aware of the conferences that you are attending. We are asking about your future planning for this SADO information.

Edwina: We seem to have been consumed, so far with just planning these conferences. I don’t think we’ve thought a great deal about beyond them yet. 

SADO:   We wish that you would consider the information that you have and the ability that it has to shape the grieving heart.

Lynn: Chris has something going on really soon, right Chris? Chris: Do you mean my course? 

Lynn: I mean you are doing another conference and the course. 

Chris: Yes, I’m going but not going to be participating or presenting but I am going to the HPH conference, just attending. 

Lynn: But you’re going to share SADO information while you’re there? 

Chris: Yes, I was going to say, that would be a way of introducing SADO and that is what I planned to talk to whoever would listen.  There will be many who would be willing to listen. 

At this point SADO we’re putting your words in my newsletter. Is that somewhere where I can emphasize, not throwing flowers at me but it’s a place that exists right now that others might see? Is that a way that I can draw attention to the help that is available through you?  

SADO: It is a way for the information to be exposed to the broken hearted. The other ways you have yet to discover although we have heard in your conversations that you are willing to do and to experiment with other ways of bringing the information to the grieving hearts. You are aware of your own society and how it chooses to communicate. Utilizing the communication that is preferred by those who are wearing the earth suits is important. This we leave to you. 

Chris: Thank you. I understand that we, in our society now, are so focused on computers and the Internet that this is possibly a way to expand and I am not sure if that is what you were thinking about but that is what came to my mind as you were talking. 

SADO: And we leave those decisions to this group. Our commitment to you is to provide the information. The commitment from you is to utilize the information for the broken hearted. As this one would say, it is the mission statement. There are many in your society who do this kind of channeling work but our Spirit information needs to be forwarded to those who would be most helped by it.  Follow the lead of those who send out the information and be innovative past their lead.

Chris: I feel like I’m in a guessing game. I understand you are giving us, through our commitment, our choice in what we do and we have to discover what it is, I just got a picture of doing a session at a conference and because other’s demonstrate that kind of channeling, I’m putting it out there to the group, because I am not asking SADO for your permission I’m not asking if that is what you meant because you were saying it is our choice. That’s just what I saw when you said that so thank you for the idea. 

SADO: Our commitment is to you. It is enough. 

Chris: Thank you SADO. 



 SADO: And we are here and we appreciate your time and efforts on our behalf.  It is important to us that you know that we understand the circumstances of technology and the confusion that comes about. Ha ha  ha. This is the way of your society and we appreciate the ability to communicate with more of those with the broken hearts. As we have mentioned in the past, this is a way of the world in which you live. And this one is joining us now. It is important for us to let you know when this one is in the midst of this information. Our communication can be stronger with the energy of all. As this one provides us with questions, we are able to respond to you all. When it appears that we are not following your conversation or asking your particular question, it is because this one is asking questions which we will respond to first. It is a happy moment when we are gathered together and the energies are complete. 

We wish to go back to the information that we were giving you the last time we were talking together. We were contacting you concerning the bridge, the bridge that is between our worlds. This bridge provides for you a way of connecting with spirit of all kinds. The bridge, it is arched as you’d say, for a reason. The arch in the bridge brings you to an eye level where you can look down at all the information that flows under the bridge. This information is “under” the information from Spirit. It is the information that you are, as this one would say, working with every day. The information that you gain for being at the arch of the bridge is the information from Spirit (as in the Spiritual Realms). It is different from the information that runs under the bridge; not necessarily more important because the information that is under the bridge is information that you need to be able to live within the bodies that you have chosen. You’re reaching eye level when you go to the top of the arch, ah; this one is correlating with the arch in your St. Louis. The world looks different from the top of that arch. The same as the world looks different at the top of the arch of the bridge of knowledge. We work to bring the bridge of knowledge to you, our sisters in Spirit, the knowledge we wish to bring to the broken hearted. Please remember that the broken hearted are all those who feel separate from the ONE. We wish to facilitate the healing; we wish to help our sisters and brothers in that way. 

You talk about and see the veil as something real but the veil does not existent. There is no veil. You are all One.  This is being sent to you our sister, Christine, for your paper. 

Chris: I’m sorry I did not understand that SADO.

SADO: This information is being given to you for the paper. 

Chris: Oh, Ok, the newsletter, OK. Thank you.  

SADO: It is a way to reach out. We work with your guides as well because you know we are all One. When we say we are all One we mean we are all OF THE ONE. We have not forgotten that. It is your work to do to understand that you are One as well. 

We appreciate this technology. (Zoom meeting)  We brought this technology to your world. It provides more, what you would say, evidential information and yes, we could talk about all those who are in our plane of existence. That information is heartwarming, that information is not educative. It does provide a level of comfort and a level of knowledge regarding the facts of the matter, as this one would say, that provide the hope for those who continue to be in body will meet with those who have decided to shed the body.   This is not the main purpose of SADO although SADO has the ability to do this work; we find this work to be below the bridge. When you called to us we understood that the information that you were acquiring would be above the bridge.  This is not true? 

Chris: This just makes sense, thank you SADO. Yes, we understand that you are not here to provide messages from our children. It was the knowledge that you promised that was your commitment to us.  So, thank you, thank you for reiterating that for us.

SADO: That is correct. It is not that SADO cannot do these things; it is that it is not the purpose of SADO.   Not because SADO cannot but it is not the purpose of SADO. We would like to share the information with you that you would find to be most helpful and most of all, enlightening. We are very happy to see that you are going back to the information that has already been gathered by this group and given by SADO. We appreciate the time, the effort to do as you say, transcribe this information. It is time for those transcriptions from this one to be placed in a situation and setting that is available. We have been working with this one regarding that. It is a beacon. It is hope. It is love. It is presence. It is quality. It is advancement. It is proper. It is sincere. We are also happy that you are giving it to others who have the abilities of working with spirit. This provides the interest, the expectations and as we said the “fun” of working with spirit in a different way. There are no possibilities that are not possible for you. You have called us. We have and continue to answer. That was not a possibility in this one’s mind. But we blew her mind. This one is not laughing. Ha ha ha. 

We wish to talk to you today about the vessel. The vessel of information that is present. The vessel is filled with information and what happens when you roll the vessel down the hill and the end is open. Some information trickles out. Much of the information stays within the vessel. Who decides what information comes out? Does the one who sends the vessel down the hill control the information that comes out?  Who does? And what happens to that information?  Does someone walk through the meadow picking up the information helter-skelter in a random way or do they pick up the information that is meaningful to them? SADO is a vessel of information but some want the entire contents of the vessel right away. Others will walk through the meadow picking up only the information that they feel applies to them. Others will pick up the information if they find it and perhaps they will see that the information belongs to someone else. The information that is coming from SADO is providing for those of you who are wearing the earth suits.   It is providing information and providing support. It is supplying challenges for those of you who have chosen this pathway of knowledge, just because you are not ready to see this information on your own. You not having this information before does not mean that this information is incorrect, not for you, not important.  It could mean that the information you feel is not timed right, but it is ALWAYS timed right. All experiences that you have are opportunities. This is what the broken hearted do not see. 

It is important to speak about opportunities. Opportunities for growth, opportunities for challenges, opportunities for experiences, opportunities to know love that you have never felt and sometimes that love is not felt until it is, as you would say, gone. It is important for the broken hearted to understand that the feelings of love that they have when their loved one is wearing the earth suit, change; when the earth suit is no longer holding the person. Love changes. Love becomes more intense. The experience of this is the experience of loss, is the knowing that love is an opportunity, an opportunity to feel a different kind of love. It is all about opportunities. It is important that these opportunities are understood. It is important that these opportunities are used. It is important that these opportunities are known. Remember, the vessel coming down the hill.   What will you choose from the information that comes from it?  

And it is enough.

LOGIC (07/19/18)

SADO: And we are here. And we are bringing in, our sister Edwina into this energy group. She never reported to you that her conversation and communication and concentration were a bit off. Hahaha We are beckoning this one into the group. 

We wish to present to you an option, a question to be given to your participants. It starts out with the information that will be helpful for them to consider. The information is that all who come into your lives …this one forgot to empty the phone energy (Jane’s phone rang) hahaha.  The information to be given to your participants and for you to consider as well is the information about everyone who comes in to your lifetime is there with the distinct purpose of teaching you something about yourself. It is not to teach you about others. It is about them teaching you something about yourself. When this is known it is important for you to ponder why the person who is standing in the grocery store line is taking so much time. They have given you a gift. It is your responsibility to understand that gift and to learn from it without issuing judgment unto them. All living creatures come to provide information and the possibility of lessons to the broken hearted. The question to your participants is what lessons did their child and children come to teach them? 

Remember, all who are wearing earth suits, in the animal body, in the insect body, in the reptile body, in the plant body have come to provide the gift of learning. The lessons are provided by the One. They are to be discovered, to be learned, to be recognized by the broken hearted. When all realize that all are in the light sharing the energy to provide for your learning, ahhhh, it is powerful. It is not the job in the job description of your guidance to show you this. It is your responsibility to provide yourself with this information so that the work that you are doing coordinates with the lessons that the others you allow into your life have found you, have proven to you, have helped you. This is a great lesson and when you begin thinking in this way you will find that much understanding is gained for your life in the earth suit.  Is that information comprehensible? 

Chris: Yes, SADO that was exactly, I didn’t need the validation but I wanted it and I am so grateful that you stated this as I wrote this recently and yes it’s comprehensible and it validates. I needed to hear that because people need to hear that and my fear was that it was not going to be easy in earlier grief to hear this and so I am grateful you made this very clear. Thank you. 

SADO: It is our intention for SADO’s information to be carried into your group process. The information that you are given is not strictly for the four of you. We came to you with the understanding that information would be disseminated far and wide.  Not very far yet, not very wide yet. But, we are providing opportunities for this information to be delivered to the broken hearted. We are very serious about this information being used in that way. We appreciate the hard work, the diligence of our sister Lynn providing the transcriptions for our words. This one has good intentions and speaks to us regularly but has not been putting the information out in the way we would like. No, this is not to shame, this is a fact and this will change. Yes, we all understand that the information will be disseminated. We look forward to a time when SADO's words are being sheltered, secure and shared. 

Chris: SADO, I have a question and you probably know I am going to be getting the newsletter out this week and in one way of getting some of your words out and shared would you have some words about logic and the logic of living and how we use logic. 

SADO: The information that was provided for you in the beginning would go into the logic section of your paper. It is logical to consider that everyone that you meet is there to help you learn. That is logical, yes?

Chris: yes, thank you, I knew that was appropriate what you said earlier, I just didn’t know if that was something I should be sharing or should that be shared in our workshop we will be doing. So, thank you. 

SADO: It is important that people who are wearing earth suits have an opportunity to have the same lessons given to them numerous times. Never be concerned that you are repeating yourselves. Information will not appear to be repeated. It will be repeated if is not provided in a way that the broken hearted can hear. It is also interesting for us to provide information about the difficulty of seeing the death of a child being a logical act. We will tell you that death is never an accident. Death is never an accident. Did you see how we repeated it? Lots of bereaved parents try to make sense out of their baby’s deaths. There is no logic. It will never make sense to the human mind. There is, you understand, the division in the mind. One part of the mind is the ego, which is concerned with the body. The other part of the mind is the spiritual one and it is connected with THE ONE. There are some who believe that they are hearing from Spirit. The part of the mind, (Jane’s telephone rang again) we are sorry these interruptions are draining the energy. Please help her. (We paused to send her energy then they continued)We will finish this discussion but cannot go further. The logical part of the mind that many wearing earth suits find and believe is actually coming from the ego. You will understand this if the message is not love. Any information that is fear based is coming from the ego-mind. The ego wants to pretend it is spiritual or has a spiritual voice and many people believe that. You might call that the mentally ill but it happens to those wearing an earth suit who have their minds very low. The only things that can be coming from the spiritual mind are those things that are based in love. And it is enough. 

Chris: Thank you SADO that is wonderful and I appreciate you continuing.  


The Three Andrews (9/15/18)

This session included three invited guests to witness SADO. 

SADO: And we are here. 

All: Welcome. Thank you for coming SADO.

SADO: And our visitors are not a surprise to SADO. And, we have, this one is arguing with us. You see, we have the three Andrews with us today in our audience. This one is saying no, you have two Andrews.            

We say no, we have three Andrews. We have Andrew, the son, we have Andrew, the son and we have Andrew, the lover. We have three Andrews here with us today. This is a different kind of session from what the SADO group normally provides as we have been suggesting and educating. We have told the members who are present that there will be no personal memos. This is incorrect for this afternoon. The information that we wish to share this afternoon is proof positive as this one would say, (Hahaha) of the existence of the three Andrews. 

Andrew, the son

SADO: We begin now with Andrew, the son. Andrew, the son, is concerned about his sister and the relationship she is currently interacting with. Andrew, the son, states that this is not a healthy relationship for her. Her heart is not able, at this point, to attain and maintain this relationship. He states that he works with her but she is not available to him for the most part. She is not able to be in this relationship in a way that is what is called equal, balanced and healthy. These are not the words he would have used when he was in body. However, he understands the relationships much more so now than he did when he was wearing the earth suit. He is also talking about the relationship with his father. How difficult it is for him to be able to maintain a new relationship with him. There are other things always on his mind. The work that the mother puts into the relationship is very much appreciated by the son. Andrew talks about his brother and sees now that he has opportunities for growth that he wishes for him to take. The son said that it will take him some time to bring this into fruition in a way that it provides him but he needs to take the next steps in his life. He will be with his brother. He will provide the love, the energy and the abundance for his family. He says that his mother does not need information from him because he gives her information all the time. She is like a sponge he says, drinking, drinking, drinking all the information that he can possibly provide. He is smiling with this information and his heart, he pauses for effect because there is no heart.  Hahaha… is full for his mother. He talks about pride for what his mother has done and continues to do. He shows us and takes us to his gravesite. He shakes his head but he knows that although this is not what is needed for him, it is what is needed for the family. Each member of the family, other than the sister, uses that as a place for connection. He is aware and he tells us that he also connects in many other places. This is known. This is felt. This is sanctioned by Spirit. Although we are not comfortable with the son speaking through this one, we do have the son with us providing for the information and he is willing to answer questions from his mother. “That’s you,” he says. Do you have questions? 

Christine: Thank you SADO. Andrew, are you happy?

SADO: Andrew is laughing. Andrew says, “Ma, that is a silly question. You know I am happy.” We understand to the mother this is a difficult situation to be asking questions in this particular situation. Andrew is shaking his head saying, “Ma, is that’s the only thing you want to know?” He is laughing and shaking his head and has great love for his mother and he says “I did not know what happiness was until I got rid of that body. That body was a good body. (Christine: Yes, it was) I hope to have another body that will react in the same way the next time and before the mother asks, yes, there will be a next time.”

Christine: Thank you Andrew. Thank you, SADO.

Andrew, the son

SADO: And the second son of the Andrews has appeared. The amount of energy that this soul has is immense. This son arrived on this side with a massive amount of energy. He continues to encapsulate this energy in his life. Yes, we said the word life. Hahaha. He is a very bright spirit. He is very connected with this mother. He’s a man. He wishes to share with you information about the power on your planet. He wishes to share information with you about the power that runs through the lines. He is bringing you information, letting you know in a very odd way that he was empowered when he crossed and this is a joke to him although he says his mother would not think this was funny. 

He continues to be a very bright light and this very bright light is doing much good. He wants you to know that he has saved 212 people since he has learned how to manipulate the machinery.  He says this information and this number increases almost daily. He said you will understand as SADO understands. He would like to share with his mother a concern that he has about a physical issue. The physical issue is what some would call feeling overwhelmed and he talks about this as physical issue and not an emotional issue. He wishes for his mother to get the help that she needs with the chores, as he calls them.  This does not appear to be as he is showing us the information that this is in the professional side of his mother’s life. He shows us things that could be less complicated and time consuming in the time when relaxation state should be happening. He shows us the difference that could be made in the mother’s life. He wishes for the mother to take care the way she always took care of him. Although he says the mother would find that to be not true. He says he has always taken care of the mother’s heart. That his heart and her heart are the same heart and that when she wants to feel him, she just needs put her hand on her heart and she will feel the vibration and beating of his heart, he is that close. He wishes his mother would guide and guard her energy a bit more. “Mother, do you understand this?

Claudia: Yes, I believe I do.

SADO: And, do you have any questions for this light being?

Claudia: Andrew, are you watching Valerie and Elliot? 

SADO: Andrew, the son, says he is watching them getting into trouble. He likes it when they are acting out. He says it reminds him of his own upbringing although he says they get away with much more than he did.  He says he is always with them as he can be in many different places at the same time. He says, “Mother, you forget this.”

Claudia: I just needed some reassurance.  Thank you, Andrew. Thank you, SADO.

SADO: And the son is saying he’s always with you and is covering your faces with kisses and a BIG HUG. He says he had no problem demonstrating his affection when he was in body but it is easier now to feel his kisses and to feel his love. His love he says will feel like a pressure on the human body. 

Andrew, the lover

SADO: And now we invite Andrew, the lover in. Although he says he does not need an intermediary; that he talks with his love every minute of every day. He can’t believe you are a mother yourself. That was a long way down the road for us, he says. He can’t imagine how your own children would have been. They had not been chosen as they were not to come in to the life of the two of you. This is your child and he loves her and he watches over her. She can be a handful he says. We see that happening and SADO knows you are not there yet. And the lover states that he is able to see the influence and he brings her mother, her biological, as you would say, mother and the two of them are helping to raise her. The mother says, “you are doing a better job than I would have been doing with her at this stage of life” and she thanks you and she kisses you on both cheeks. And Andrew says he likes to keep things light but, in your heart, he feels the grief from you and from his mother and he is sorry for causing the heartache. This is a good relationship that you have. He says, “it keeps her on her toes and I like that. There is much for you to learn in this relationship with this man and your daughter.” He is happy to see the growth that you have had since the time when he left his body. The lover states there are no questions that she needs to ask as she asks lots of questions that he answers. But SADO has made a commitment to answer questions so we will give the opportunity to this one to hear the questions from that one. 

Sarah: Thank you SADO and thank you Andrew. Do you have any guidance for my continuing to strengthen my connection with Spirit?

SADO: Andrew, the lover states that this is a question that he will allow SADO to answer. SADO sees the importance for the three of you to make and strengthen the connections with the three Andrews. TRUST, trust in what you feel. Trust the feelings that comes from your very soul. Where is your soul? That is where you trust from for spiritual growth and connection. Trust the feelings that you have. Acknowledge the feelings that you have as soon as possible. This one wants to know why we are yelling. Hahaha.  At times, Grus gets very passionate and he is the strength of connection. The answer to this question; it is a good question, is to do what allows you to trust and to know at the soul of your being that these three Andrews exist, that these three Andrews live, that these three Andrews love. 

Sarah: Thank you so much SADO.

SADO: And as our own group members are feeling left out, we come quickly with the Nicole. Although this one is laughing and saying no, that is not Nicole, that is Nicki. Hahaha. Spirit is very proud of you for being the bright light of the family. She says you have no choice in your family of origin and yet you carry this through. She has had some concerns about her daddy and is watching over but he is very lost, very confused and sees little purpose for his life other than loving her mother and her siblings. Nicole asks that you do more together and yes, this means that you might need to do the things he likes to do. 

She is watching over. She provides you with much information to trust her existence. She says you should have a shirt that says, “My Nicole Is Here” because you feel her with you constantly because she is there. She is proud of you for the work that you are doing to bring the information of SADO. She wishes for you to do more of this but says, “Daddy comes first”.       

Lynn: Nicole I am so proud of you also. Thank you for all your help and for being there with me all the time and I will look into helping Dad a little more.  

SADO: And she bows to you. 

SADO: And this Zac is being a funny boy and he says she does not need to hear from me again today. He wishes you to know however, that he has not been able to get through to you regarding your own balance of time and energy. He sees that you are working to ground yourself but it is not often enough and he would like you to do that more often and for longer periods of time. This is important for your work and no, as this one says, it cannot come at 5 am!  

Chris: Thank you Sweetie and thank you SADO.  (Lynn: he knows you well!)

SADO: And this one’s energy is fading with this connection so if you have any other questions it would be good to ask them shortly. (there were no questions)….And it is enough.

All: Thank you SADO. 


Truth: Soul and Earth Suit  (1-24-19)

Body Dies/Soul Never Dies, Body Changes Form/Soul Always Exists


SADO: And we are here. 

Lynn: Welcome.

SADO: And we thank you for your time and your energy and the way you prioritize your life to bring the words and the teachings of SADO to your communities. We understand that you have different priorities than those who work in the world of the spirit. This one is laughing and saying it sounds like an airline commercial. Hahaha. We thank our sister Christine for putting the information in her newsletter. Those that the information touches, find it is helpful for them. There are answers to questions that have not been posed out loud. SADO hears the questions from their hearts and SADO answers the questions from their hearts. It is time for those questions to be spoken and illustrated in a way that the answers can tap into the questions of the broken-hearted. By showing the questions and the answers from SADO it provides a link to the emotional, the mental, the physical and the spiritual bodies. This is the reason SADO has been giving information for some time. We now ask for the equal partnership with those of the broken-hearted group. 

We would like to use a platform that would open the possibility of questions from those you are in groups with to ask those who you love in community if they have questions for SADO. This can be done as you say electronically. This can be done face to face. This can be done through writing. This can be done through thoughts and through conversation with those you come into contact with. Not only do we want information and questions from this group who entertains SADO but also from others that SADO can be helpful and the information can be meaningful to. 

There have been some questions with regard to the body, the soul in the body and when that happens. There are many theories about the soul being contained within the human body, the earth suit. There is no containment of the soul. There is no containment of the soul! The soul was whole and total before the earth suit was created. The soul is whole and total when the earth suit is destroyed. The earth suit is simply a container. The soul was, as you would say, alive and in existence before, during and after the earth suits were created. 

When those of the broken-hearted are missing the body and the soul of the person who they feel had died, that is an erroneous statement as the soul never dies. The earth suit or the body does die. It changes form. The soul does not change form. The soul is soul is the soul. This one’s animal is having a difficult time listening. (Jane’s dog was barking.) We will work on that.  It is important for the broken-hearted to understand there is no separation. There is no separation of the soul from God. There is no separation from the soul to the soul to the soul. It is important for the grieving broken-hearted to understand that they are missing the body – the earth suit. They are not missing the soul as the soul is more impactful, closer and more within than it could ever have been when it was trying to be contained in the earth suit. This is a difficult concept but one that would be extremely helpful to those who are grieving from the broken-hearted group. It is important that this fact be brought forward. It is important that SADO be known as the creator of this information not because there is an ego issue but because it lays a foundation for SADO’s information and education ability. 

We came and answered your call to be the educators of you and be one of the educational factors. The education that we are giving will be of comfort. We wish to provide the comfort. We wish to provide the knowledge. We wish to provide the love. We wish to provide the compatibility between those that understand that the soul exists not more not less. The soul exists. It is permissible to miss the earth suit. It is advisable. It is important to generate the impact of earth suit to those remaining in the earth suit. This is common, the commonality of being a soul wearing an earth suit. This is the grief and it needs to be identified as such. Grief is not the missing, the pining, the longing of the soul. This is the problem with some of your organizations that do not support knowing the souls continue to exist. That grief will never heal. That grief will never heal! The grief of missing the earth suit can abate. There is no grief of missing the soul as the soul has not dissipated or changed form in any way. It is wise, it is helpful, it is imperative to understand that the missing and the grief is about the earth suit. 

We wish you to understand this message and to open this information to those who belong to the grieving broken-hearted group. It is important for the SADO group and for all those who wish to educate those who remain in the earth suits of this fact. It is as this one would say,” life changing.” We have offered to answer questions for you during this session. We are prepared and ready to do that. 

Lynn: I heard you say a couple things twice and in a different accent…

Individuals of the SADO Group

SADO:  Why is that so important for you to know who is speaking? We are the SADO group and you have asked these questions before.  We will not be named. 

Lynn: I understand. I am sorry. I was just going to say, that we should perhaps, are you accenting this not only towards me today or all of us but is this a new twist that you want us to focus on when we present ourselves to another group about SADO? 

SADO: This is not new and this is not a twist. This is the information that is needed by those who are what you would call grieving who belong to the broken-hearted. It is the foundational piece as this one would say.

Lynn: Yes, it is and it’s very important to me to reach that level where I, in my own grief do not miss the body, the human body, I mean I do not miss her soul because she is always right here, she exists forever, always has been, always will be and I can tell that that is definitely very, very important, the foundation of allowing me to move through this. Thank you.          

SADO: We appreciate the ability to talk to you in a stern way but it always comes with complete love and understanding. It is important for the information to be presented to you in a way that you understand the importance of the information. You have the ability to take the information and provide this to others. We are not being derogatory, stern or communicating in a way that is chastising to you. We wish you to know the importance of the information that you request. There are those in our group who feel very strongly about those who are suffering within the earth suits. You have asked us for information and we wish to bring it to you in a way that can be helpful and promote healing. Those in the earth suit have much they have wanted and agreed to experience while they remain in the earth suits. If they are having an experience which is incorrect, it is also unhealthy. We wish to provide the information in a way that will provide the health and the complete understanding of what happens within and outside of the earth suit. We do not mean to upset those who come to the SADO group.  

Edwina: I’m wondering, if in light of what you are saying today, whether we should change the focus of our presentation. You’ve spoken a lot about soul today and the permanent existence of the soul and I realize that although that is underlying everything we’ve made in our presentations, we don’t talk about the soul, actually. Should we gear our presentation when we present to a group, more in that direction?   

SADO: This information was not given to you today with regard to the presentation that you’ll do one time. This information was given to you today to guide all conversation, all meaningful communication you have with those who are grieving that belong to the group of the broken-hearted.

Edwina: Ok, I understand that.  I think we are already are doing that. 

SADO: No, you are not doing this in a consistent way. You continue to sanction the grief of the whole person who has, as you would say, “died.” This is incorrect. We wish to bring you this information to understand this is incorrect. When you allow the conversation to be about the, “whole person” that is incorrect. That is unhealthy. That is promoting a negative energy. The whole person, as you would say, has not “died”, as you would say. The body, the earth suit has died, has changed forms. The soul has not changed forms. Do you see the difference?

Edwina: I do see the difference and what’s going through my mind right now is, is it more difficult for someone who has had a very recent loss to understand these concepts, than someone who is further along? 

SADO: Would you allow someone to eat the green leaves of the rhubarb while they get sick?

Edwina: No.

SADO:  Would you stop their misbeliefs at the beginning to provide for them to be healthy? Is it kind to allow the misinformation to start to be?  Is it possible to gently give the information of the truth at the beginning of the story? 

Edwina: I think we would like to do that. It is a challenge. 

SADO: You have invited us in to the challenge to provide opportunities for learning. 

Edwina: We need your help and thank you for it.  

SADO: And we will accept one final question.

Chris: SADO, mine is not quite on this topic. In my shower message this morning they said to discover my true self that I was to pursue learning tools. Is this validation for the card reading divination tools; tools that we can use to help us strengthen ourselves in the process?

SADO: Our dear sister, Christine, you do not need tools. You do not need games, you do not need techniques. The discovering of self is discovery of truth. It is the discovery of knowing your helpfulness to your community. It is imperative that the information that you have can be provided. We again have problems with the soul in the fuzzy suit. (Jane’s dog was barking.) It is important for you to know that the only aspect of yourself to know and to appreciate and to put forward is your love. The love that you have for your community will show when you give them the information that is true, that is healthy. You do not need tools. The fuzzy one is not listening. (Again, Jane’s dog was barking.)

Chris: I am. Thank you SADO, very much. 

SADO: You have all you need inside of you. You do not need from the outside. It is all there. The understanding, the experiences, the healthiness. And it is enough. 

Chris: Thank you so much SADO.



SADO: And we are here. 

Lynn: Welcome

SADO: And this one continues to have conversations regarding the questions and opportunities that have presented themselves to SADO. You are correct that our mission is not about bringing what you consider evidence of the afterlife. This one was correct in wanting to clarify what it was that you were wanting SADO to do with this opportunity. If you would have become online with SADO before we began providing the information, we would have done exactly what you expected which was to say, what would you like to do? But since there seems to be a consensus from this group of a willingness, although this one tells us that is too strong of a word, to perform this opportunity with this information, it is something that SADO is willing to host. 

SADO needs to take the time, as you would say, to formulate its consensus. This is the consensus grouping of what was done at the beginning of this call. As you have said, it is not that SADO cannot provide the information about the loved ones that are in our realm, the 

parallel universes, the parallel ultra-energy fields; it is about the willingness to bring that information in to provide the help to those who are feeling separated from The One. It is not that SADO cannot bring this information in. It is not, as you say, the function of SADO to prove a 

point which to us is ridiculous. We understand however, this is a point that needs proof for those whose loved ones are across the veil, as you would say, to be understood, to be respected, to be in contact, to feel the energy of, to provide the constant and continuous love, to provide the information, to provide the support, to provide a non-judgmental attitude. For those reasons and many more, SADO has a willingness to provide the information. 

It will be interesting for SADO, to see what this one will do to cooperate with both sides. You understand that this one wants to please. There may be questions that are asked that SADO sees to be ridiculous, unnecessary, unhelpful, unhealthy; that SADO will not be answering. We may not be the most cooperative group that are being studied but we will be the most accurate. We are talking with this one about the willingness to allow the study to happen. 

Please provide us the energy and the momentum to work at that level. It is unbelievable to us that she still believes she has something to do with the success of the information. The ego responsibility is, how you would say, stupid. 

We have gained and appreciate the willingness to provide this information and to be as you say,a part of this study. To us this is not a study. This is simply information that is being provided about the lack of separation; the healing from the separation of The One. This is as this one would say, a no brainer. We agree to be a part of this. It will be beneficial for those of you who are wearing the earth suits. If we can be helpful in providing the information that will bring ahealing to the separation with The One, we are willing to go in that direction. We do not feel we

need your protection. We feel we have the concept, the ability to monitor, organize and manipulate the energy of this one to allow SADO to come through. It is not necessary for the four of you to be together at this time. This one is not in agreement with this statement. This one is leaving. Please give us . . . , this one is fearful. (Long pause) It is agreed that we will do this in the way that this one is demanding. She is hard-headed, this one. If you have other subjects you would like to bring forward, please do so now. 

 Chris: I do and thank you so much for your input on what we were discussing before. My question is in regards to ACIM. I have been repeating lesson 140 and about healing and atonement and what I am wondering is what is the difference with the illnesses and sicknesses that we plan for our life and healing through atonement? In the lesson, it says we can heal allillnesses with atonement so is that in relation to the lessons that we wanted to learn through our life plan? 

SADO: It is important for you to know that all experiences that you have, have been planned. It is important for you to know that many other experiences have been planned; most you will not have the ability to experience. There has to be, as this one would say, a jumping off place; aplace where all points can come together; A point that allows the experience to happen. There has to be importance for the experience to be shown. This includes all experiences including illness, as you would say accidents, coincidences. This would be important, very important for you to understand. The atonement is the lack of separation from The One. There is no illness when there is no separation. 

 Chris: SADO, does that mean that we can manifest our own health by understanding that we are not separated from The One, that we are not experiencing illness? 

SADO: You have a body. You are not your body. You have a soul. You are not your soul. You are the combination of all images that have been brought together in this incarnation. But at that point they are one of the you that is the you inhabiting this body. The rest remains in Spirit. The 

manifestation is about learning what it is that you came to this earth suit to experience. The cure, as you’d say, is simply allowing the body to not be separated from The One. The cure for illnesses that allow the soul’s essence to be released from the body is the cure. Other cures are provided when the lesson has been learned. Both of these things are what you would call manifested. Does that provide you with the information that is reasonable? 

Chris: Thank you. I understand it but I am writing and listening and have to take the time away 

from this to listen, so thank you so much. 

SADO: And we have had a longer discussion with this one who can provide more specific information, about this topic to you after you have had the chance to discern the questions. 

Chris: Thank you so much SADO.

SADO: And it is enough. 

All: thank you. 





SADO: Listen to the sounds around you. Make note of their rhythm, peace and space. Be sure to notice what is between the spaces of sound. That is the true peace. Use your affirmations to stay focused on love and light. Do not fear. We will be with you guiding you and showing you the way. At times when you believe we are elsewhere, we are still watching over. Enjoy the peace and quiet. We are in the sounds and the betweens. 

Great times of tumult exist. Your country gains strength through this adversity just as your population does after one of theirs has come home. The group process is solidarity for in this there is the in-between -- the peace and sanctity of prayer, quiet, reflection and bonus of friendship and a commonality of experience leading to love.  


SADO: Spiritual Response Therapy is the method we are using to explain the process of life to those you work with. Through this modality it can be pointed out what the body needs to work with. It helps to have the Essence and the body in alignment and for the work to be as one. Use this as you have, not dependent on the charts, but dependent on the "clairs". Ha ha. Feel the work. You can do this with your eyes closed. It is where you learned to begin to trust. 

Two reasons for not trusting: ego and wanting to be right. Listen to the lesson for the ones with whom you are working. Explain the lesson. It is up to them to do the work that will lead them home. 


 SADO: SADO is a group of light beings, not attached to the physical or your Universe.  Pia is a sprite and therefore is energy, light and her guidance, although a part of SADO is intermittent. We come to educate through love and to the broken hearted. 

Grus is a scientist by training and still enjoys being in this sphere. Dr. Zinffor is a medical intuitive who continues to enjoy this specialization. There are many others, but they will be revealed as time goes on. 


 SADO: We wish to educate about that which you have asked — reincarnation. It is not a place you know. It is a time, a moment, a calling. To reincarnate means you have come before, but that coming does not negate or contribute to materialization. It means you have been before, as we all have in some way or another, so yes, we are all reincarnated from SPIRIT.  You are right to question someone's meaning of the term. It is not ours to tell someone, as this one says, they are thinking incorrectly, that their thinkin' is stinkin', ha ha ha.

All spirit energy comes from SPIRIT, from God. All is individualized and formed in ways to have experiences that are manifested to and from the great Creator. There can be no life, no experiences, no gifts, no consequences without it. Be well and know that all that comes returns and returns again until the end of time when the Great Creator will begin anew and it shall be, at which time you will no longer return to body and will live in the kingdom of Spirit for all eternity. 

All individuals who are will always be. Their love will always be. Their faith engagement, commitment and love to you and for you will always be. This is the will of SPIRIT. 


So busy, so tired, so exhausted, so drained! These are the words we hear you speak. Earth is not set up as a learning environment when there is no balance. Do you ever feel so tired, so drained, so exhausted when you are learning and communing with SPIRIT?

Balance your 24 hour day by spending time with SPIRIT. We hear you say, "But I must work to keep a roof over my head and satisfy others". We are pleased when you include SPIRIT in the work you do. It should not be separate as that depletes you.

Become practiced at joining with SPIRIT during your daytime and evening activities. Join when you are cleaning the dishes, folding the clothes, taking the dog out, transporting the children. These moments of connection are truly important to your soul's growth. That which you hear during these times sets up the future learning situations and experiences. They promote health and healing. They show your love for SPIRIT and allow you to feel the unconditional and unqualified love SPIRIT has for you. How can you doubt this love when it comes in these moments?

Work toward the balance as you gently change how you live your life. The difference will be felt and your body will perform in a way that assures you your energy is indeed coming from Source; the original POWER GRID! You were born with the right adapter. It may need to be twisted around a bit, (ha ha) but we need you to trust that it will and does fit. Breathe it in and be fulfilled and satisfied as nothing else you can do. Notice the feeling of being filled up. Isn't it delightful!

Lastly, as your cravings appear, know they are born of an emptiness of SPIRIT in your soul. Our stations never run out and are always within your budget. 


SADO: We show you the symbol for change — the delta. We present this as a call for CHANGE -- a reaction that will enable a new, a changed action. Your society, your planet is asking for many changes and has been doing so for many decades. It is time for ∆ and many are providing physical showings to suggest and push for changes to be made. 

The violence that you are witnessing throughout your planet are pushing you to make plans for as well as making changes yourself. Some in your society say there is no reason to change the laws for weapons and laws about the moral treatment of the physical inhabitants. SADO shows that as less than desirable. When weapons are placed in the hands of those who desire changes that do not provide for the sanctity of existence, control must be instituted in ways to allow all to experience their choices. As you know, all are welcomed home. Experience time can be cut short by the free will of others. This is understood once processed, but not beneficial for one with a life well lived.

At this point in your existence change is in the hands of the many. It is presumed to be in the hands of the few whom your society has become dependent on to do this in the past. Unfortunately, their ears are clogged with personal and egotistical rhetoric and governing for the masses and the health and fitness of the Earth school becomes not as important to them. 


Require ∆! Institute ∆! Be a maker of ∆! You are needed and will be revered for doing so. We hear some saying, "I'm staying out of it". We say, "IMPOSSIBLE". You are all in it. You say, "You are what you eat". We say, "You are what you live". You are living in a time and period of violence and judgment. Do not allow this to be in your heart unless you refuse to be the change agent necessary. Possibilities and opportunities are presented to you. Don't "stick your head in the sand" as this one would say. Stand up and be counted. Don't dwell on today's reality but strive for and live in the world you see, feel and believe in. You come to create change. Allow it to be! 



Society is held accountable for the actions of a few and reactions of the many. It is what has become tolerable and tolerated that will continue to be the "permanent" fixtures and experiences in your day-to-day life. You have allowed the infiltration of violence to become commonplace although you attest to shock and dismay when it happens to those you love, those who are in the image of you. The population of your world has decided that murder and violence is entertaining. You watch it, dream about it, talk about it, recommend it to one another as if it was mind growing but it is mind BLOWING!!!! This takes your society into dark places. 

Use your influence, your abilities and your platform to speak out against this scourge. Be informed in a way that allows you to see the reality of your world. Do not use this as entertainment. Be watchful of what you put in your mind. If you find it disturbing S.T.O.P. (Send To Other Place). Send it to us and we will extinguish it! This will take the masses to perfect, but start with you. You are not alone and you are not powerless. 

As long as you live it, the information becomes more real. It becomes your reality. Reality seeks itself. It will multiply. 

There is much being ingested through your devices that you are unaware of. If a society as stilted as Cuba can affect the health and well being of diplomats, what do you believe others who are more scientifically sophisticated have the ability to do? Be careful! Be watchful! Be loving! When you notice your thoughts becoming fearful and worrisome, trace the previous hours and days to what your conversations have been and what your eyes have been seeing. Much will not be identifiable, but it is there. 


SADO: We are consumed with this SADO Group. We are consumed with the control and the power that this group can afford those with a broken heart. We understand the need for this. We understand the helpfulness of this. We ask you to release this information. 

Lynn:  Is teaching sitters how to gain and recognize physical phenomenon as their initial contact the way to show them that Spirit is available to them, not just a parlor trick but as actually their way of opening up their senses and clairs, to see, feel and hear?

SADO:  It is difficult for us, the circle of SADO, to understand the need for the rapping and the rattling. We believe that the truth of Spirit is through love and healing the broken hearted from the separation. The taping and the rapping and the rattling, we understand that will speak to the human level. Those are, as you would say, lower level vibrations. The true gift of Spirit is in what you hear which allowed you to leave the situation that was going to be incongruent with your life. (Lynn was called by Spirit to leave a developing dangerous situation earlier that day.)If the physical experiences are needed and necessary, a lower level group will be able to connect with the noises that you, as humans, think you require. That would be a very small part of what we would like you to teach. We would call that the hook. Listening to, feeling the love, feeling the lack of separation, feeling the togetherness of Spirit, understanding how all who are in physical body are one with the ONE. The approved teachings are about the love of SPIRIT for those in the earth suits. We would also like you to teach about the Soul and the Essence that is on this one's website (see above). It is a very important lesson and not talked about. The information about reincarnation (see above)is applicable regarding the final lifetime in the body. You will unfortunately not have time to bring it all through in the details you would like, but the opportunity that you will have will be important. 

Lynn:  We are wondering about approaching new groups that are forming who seem to want to encourage a set of rules and regulations about how to communicate with Spirit. We have found that your intention, your love, the basic intention on what you want to do with the information as far as sharing, learning, healing, helping creates a much stronger bond with Spirit than dealing with the rules and regulations. Is this true?

 SADO:  There are many who would like to control how this information is being given. There is some information that is not quite, as you would say, genuine. It matters not why but you understand that as you might say the gut level is appropriate to use in your teaching forum. You will know what is the appropriate information. Do not apologize for that knowledge! The knowledge that is counterintuitive usually has some disingenuousness about it. 

We ask that you continue your work with A Course in Miracles. That is important for the foundation of the information and the work you are doing with 

SADO. Please understand that the information is provided for you to grow the spirituality, grow the abilities to be with SADO. It is important for your work that you form this foundation. As you read this information, it fills your heart and learning to live with this information is important for your spiritual development, your abilities to see anther and taste and feel and understand the words of Spirit. 

Edwina:  You are a group of Spirits from another universe, is that correct? Have you had human lives on our Earth?

 SADO:  Yes, some of us have had human lives on your planet. Many of us have not. It is immaterial however because we have the ability to experience the human experiences without owning the body. 

Lynn:  Do we sometimes travel in our dreams?

SADO:  Yes, sometimes, but you have much to work out in the planetary system that you are in. It is difficult for you to move up that many levels to go to other galaxies. The levels that you are able to experience through your dreams are enough for many who are wearing the earth suits.